Hoya delays independence again, WaPo doesn’t notice

Serious journalism face.Kudos to the Washington Post Magazine for directing some attention toward the Hoya and its push for independence — but, even the pros can miss news.

On Tuesday night, Hoya staffers voted down a motion to pursue independence, yet again postponing a long-sought goal that’s been delayed in consecutive years by April Fool’s Day issue backlash and a poor financial environment.

If passed, the Hoya would have tentatively severed its ties with the University (and, according to the Post, a University-funded $180,000 annual budget), so long as it could get two things by the end of the semester — Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson‘s support and a credit line from the Georgetown University Student Alumni Federal Credit Union.

According to a student close to the process, it was unclear if either condition was met as of Tuesday’s staff-wide vote, which failed to receive a super-majority’s worth of support despite approval from the paper’s board of directors. When asked why the vote failed, the student suggested “serious holes in the financial proposals.”

In 2009, when the Hoya was within days of independence, the University agreed to let the paper use its trademarked name, lease space on University-owned office space, and purchase a majority of its equipment for $1. However, it’s unclear if Hoya Editor in Chief Eamon O’Connor (COL ’12) sought a similar deal with this proposal.

Both Olson and GUASFCU CEO Katie Cohen (COL ’12) declined to comment about the Hoya‘s latest push for independence. O’Connor told the Post, “Our foremost institutional goal is to become an independent newspaper,” but also declined a request to elaborate on future plans.

Photo: Washington Post

11 Comments on “Hoya delays independence again, WaPo doesn’t notice

  1. inb4 complaints about vox covering the hoya

  2. Wow, this is just evidence of how the Hoya has gone downhill since I’ve left; they’ve still not gotten this down and gone independent? It’s a wonder they expect any sort of alumni donations, they certainly don’t deserve it for lagging behind schedule so much for this. I know I won’t be writing them a check until they get their act together. I’m glad the Voice can draw some attention to this as the campus’ only REAL news source with the incompetence at the Hoya these days.

  3. How are you ignoring that The Hoya went down hill after you left in part because of the racist April Fool’s issue you and your class contributed to?

  4. Surprising that GUASFCU is able to do this considering that they are not allowed to engage in business lending, only personal lending to students and alumni. From what I know, this would be a breach of their charter.

  5. I bet you are also offended by the Tombs trivia names, aren’t you?

  6. Right on. The Hoya April Fool’s issue was regarded as ill-informed and insensitive by the administration, many students, the Voice, and ultimately the Hoya. So yes, someone offended by the April Fool’s issue (i.e., any reasonable, decent person) would also be offended by chode-created Tombs trivia names.

  7. University-funded? I was under the impression that The Hoya pays for its costs via its advertisements, something that the Voice lacks.

  8. @Undergrad

    The Hoya, like the Voice, gets a budget allocated to it by the University’s media board every year. If the paper makes a profit — and the Hoya generally does — that money gets funneled back to Georgetown.

  9. Whoa. I’m famous!
    Someone posted a bad impersonation of my style of vox comment up there. The real Fiore loves The Hoya and would t trash it on a competing blog. That would be real low class.
    I dont mind people trashing me or the hoya, honestly, but posting under fake names is most dishonorable.

  10. @@@@Fiore (the April 10, 2:13pm post),

    Because I was not offended by the April Fools issue, you just called me unreasonable and indecent. Moreover, as someone who creates offensive trivia team names, you just called me a “chode.” These comments offend me.

    I’m sorry, but because of your insensitivity, you can no longer be independent. Any profit you make during your time at Georgetown must be turned over to the University to be doled out as the bureaucracy sees fit. I hope you understand.

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