Overheard in Georgetown premieres on Twitter

Did you hear a ridiculous conversation on campus today?

If so, now you can share them with the Georgetown Twitterverse via the new Twitter account @OHGeorgetown.

@OHGeorgetown, or as it’s better known Overheard in Georgetown, began tweeting on Friday and already has several gems.

Here are some of the highlights so far:

Jane Hoya on a Saturday night: I freaked out when I saw him cuz I was sober. I am reaaally lame when I’m not drunk!”

Jane Hoya: “Jewish people are just catholics who just haven’t realised how awesome Jesus is yet.”

Joe Hoya in Leo’s: “Dude..no planned parenthood, no Chadwicks.”

If you overhear a funny, ridiculous, insane, gut-busting, or interesting conversation, you can let Overheard in Georgetown know by tweeting at @OHGeorgetown or using the hashtag #ohgeorgetown.

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