What sucks: Trivia returns to Tombs, so lets debate some comedy

The Tombs may have taken a break  from tired rape and abortion jokes to watch an awful basketball game last week, but came back strong during yesterday’s trivia night. Some of the team names veered into the world of lazy shock humor. Others were funny. The suggestion that the two aren’t the same will inevitably start another flame war in the comments. So let’s get started!

First place (The “fighting the pussification of America” memorial trophy): Number of girls I’m going to cuddle tonight. Nothing says funny like mocking the girls who found creepy men in their rooms last weekend. Or mentioning a nickname that makes assholes who sexual assault women sound like teddy bears. If you don’t think this name is funny, you obviously don’t understand humor.

Second place (The “inescapable fact of reality” silver medal): Number of sluts who blew Tiger Woods even after he blew the Masters and She told me it was razor burn. Slut shaming is truly a cornerstone of comedy. The women — they can’t help themselves!

Third place (The “it’s called dark humor” consolation prize): Generic offensive team name, suck it Vox Populi. We’re famous!

23 Comments on “What sucks: Trivia returns to Tombs, so lets debate some comedy

  1. Perhaps you should also give awards to any teams, if any, that don’t employ team names that traffic in gender stereotypes. Good behavior should be rewarded.

  2. No shout out to the clever, funny, and not offensive team names?

    “four years later and we’re still drinking in a basement” was definitely a winner.

  3. Steven, Steven, Steven…that name isn’t funny at all.

  4. @Not Greg Monroe, Steven

    Solid idea. We’ll remember to include the names we like next time around.

  5. You seem like a really big virgin Steven. And you’re not going to laid any time soon with that sense of humor.

  6. Why didn’t she write this article? Couldn’t handle the heat so she got out of the kitchen?

  7. What is Molly, or any woman, doing out of the kitchen?

  8. I actually stopped going to Tombs because I was so pissed off after I sat through trivia night next to the “who needs an abortion clinic when you have a flight of stairs?” team–so thanks for doing this, its about time we started shaming the actual people who deserve it.

  9. So even after the last thread exploded with people coming forward as offended, worried, or personally disturbed by the team names, Vox still intends to glorify these idiotic, offensive names. This is really incomprehensible. The first time, I suppose one could excuse it as simple ignorance, but after multiple individuals came forward to say that they themselves have been victims of sexual assault and found the remarks hurtful? There are just no words to describe the extent of that lack of empathy.

  10. I think the point is to continue to expose the team names to increase awareness of these issues, not to glorify them. Yes, this thread will inevitably provide another forum for those who support the names to state their opinions as well (IE, you don’t appreciate our humor / where else are we allowed to be so tactless? / etc), but I don’t think bringing to light repeat offenders like these names is necessarily not being empathetic.

  11. So if we don’t ignore the offensive names, they will go away?

  12. Damn. I was hoping to get in on this thread before all the whining started but looks like I was a little too late. I’m truly honored that the first and second place trophies are named after pieces of my comments. Thank you Vox.

    @Steven That’s not funny.

    @Not Greg Monroe Why would they want to do that?

  13. YESSSSSSS dat was my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Unclear on how i felt about # of drunk babies at applebees

  14. You know what makes these team names hilarious? The knowledge that whiny little bloggers will act soooo offended about them and paste them on the internet for everyone to see forever.

  15. Hey now, don’t make fun of the bloggers! In their minds, they think they are making a difference in society by pointing out their superior taste in humor!

  16. Best part about the last prize is that the Bud Light girl pronounced it Vox po-POO-lee

  17. That’s actually closer to the Latin pronunciation than “pop-yuh-lee”

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