This week in the Voice: Concerts at Georgetown

This week in Features, Samuel Buckley rejoices in the concerts of Georgetown past and bemoans those of the present.

“The lackluster response to this year’s lineup wasn’t a far cry from student reactions to most concerts at Georgetown in recent years. Although the Senior Class Council and GPB co-sponsored an appearance this fall by Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco,” writes Buckley, “most spring concerts have featured outdated or lesser known artists.”

Sports has the latest on the women’s lacrosse four-game winning streak.

In Leisure, Molly Redden extols the joys of day drinking.

News has the latest on the beginning of the 2010 Campus Plan hearings.

In Voices, Aodhan Beirne weighs in on the modernization of media, and why people don’t spell correctly on Twitter.

Ed Board puts their weight behind Weaver for the at-large D.C. council seat.

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