Holy Cross demonstrates “Running college pubs: 101″

Students wondering what a revamped Healy Pub open to under-21s could look like might take a look at what Massachusetts’ College of the Holy Cross has done with theirs.

The Holy Cross Crusader reports that the college’s Student Government Association and administration have worked to open the pub to students over 18 as part of an effort to provide more weekend programming on-campus.

Georgetown introduced comprehensive drinking rules in 1987 to bring University policies in line with DC’s new drinking age laws. As a result, campus administrators forced Healy Pub to institute dry nights for non-drinking freshmen, which helped push the pub towards bankruptcy.

Under the new rules at the Holy Cross pub, students and guests over the age of 18 will now be permitted to enter the pub on weekend nights. Drinking ages will be enforced by issuing wristbands and a stamp to those underage in the pub.

The article states that college officials will evaluate the changes based on their cost effectiveness and how well students’ needs are met.

According to the Worcester Telegram, the changes come in response to rising tensions between students and members of the surrounding community last fall. The college and city ultimately struck an agreement for the college to address “quality of life” issues on campus.

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