“Next GUTS” app comes to iPhones

About a month after releasing his “Next GUTS” Droid app, Chris Cronbaugh (COL ’12) will become a little more popular on the Mac end of the “Macs vs. All Other Technologies” debate, announcing yesterday the release of an iOS version of his app.

Pretty much every Georgetown student knows that it’s always handy to have a smartphone (or, rather, always frustratingly unhandy not to have one) when coming back on the Metro and having to navigate through various Georgetown transportation websites in order to find one with a workable schedule. This app makes this process as easy as opening a game of Angry Birds, conveniently designed with individual buttons for every route except the Arlington Loop (which, let’s be serious, nobody really uses anyway).

The app does not give information about whether or not a bus is running on time, and instead just tells the next scheduled departure. Disappointing, because then you could also tell which Dupont bus is taking that incomprehensibly unnecessary, double-length route.

One Comment on ““Next GUTS” app comes to iPhones

  1. Anyone know what happened to this app? It vanished from my phone and the website.

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