SFS-Q students launch political and literary magazine

Last Wednesday, students at Georgetown’s SFS-Qatar campus released the first issue of Diwan, a bilingual, student-run news and culture magazine.

“The term Diwan is an Arabic word that refers to a collection of poems or scholarly articles by an Urdu, Persian, Arab, or Turkish scholar or poet,” Noora Al-Manni (SFS ’13), co-editor of Diwan, said in a University press release. “We chose this name for the magazine because we would like it to be a collection of scholarly discourse for the benefit of Qatar’s community.”

The biannual publication will contain articles on politics, English and Arabic literature, Georgetown affairs, society, and economics. The inaugural issue of Diwan is organized around the theme of “revolution,” featuring coverage of the ongoing social and political revolutions in the Arab world.

In addition to a press release on SFS-Q’s website, Diwan has received recognition in two major Qatari English-language dailies.

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