Are you excited by this year’s commencement speakers?

Now that the commencement speakers have been announced, we thought we’d give readers the opportunity to weigh in on their enthusiasm (or lack thereof) for this year’s ceremonies.

How do you feel about the speakers this year? Vote in the poll below.

13 Comments on “Are you excited by this year’s commencement speakers?

  1. I need a different vote that says I am actually upset by the choice. Mostly for the SFS Commencement.
    I can’t claim to be excited OR indifferent. And certainly can’t classify someone so virulently homophobic as “decent.”

  2. Agreed on Paul Farmer. I would’ve definitely picked “decent” were it not for the fact Chinchilla is the speaker for MY commencement.
    Maybe I’ll go to the College’s commencement to listen to the speech, and my own to go through the motions. Or something.

  3. Why don’t you SFSers just suck it up. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, whether they be right or incredibly misinformed.


  5. Yeah, but Michigan Law students’ sentiments towards their anti-gay commencement speaker probably express the sentiment:

    “I understand that the Senator is entitled to his viewpoint, and I understand that his viewpoint is a popular one across the country. But on a day when we, as a class, celebrate together the time we’ve shared–in study, in summer internships, in class, in the library, in moot court, journals, pro bono hours, drinks at Ashley’s–we have to hear from a guy who has a demonstrable political record of campaigning and voting to treat a significant portion of our classmates as second-class citizens. “Congratulations on becoming lawyers; good luck with that full citizenship thing.””

    Granted, Chinchilla’s views are not affecting a significant portion of our class at all, but the sentiment is still the same.

  6. Law’s speaker is awesome. One of the best—if not THE best—trial lawyer of the last 20 years. And a double Hoya. Definitely an alum and a speaker to be proud of.

  7. I’m in the SFS, and I’m mostly sad that we can’t have the MBA speaker (Solow)…after many hours crying over his model, I’d kind of like to hear the guy speak, just to say I did. Other than that, I don’t really care, although it would be nice if we could have one commencement speaker for the whole class.

  8. Um….yeah for opinions like what’s the best ice cream flavor, but not opinions that are based on hate, especially when those opinions result in terrible things for LGBT peopel.

  9. Paul Farmer is an absolute stud. Couldn’t be happier that he’s speaking at graduation this year – he deserves the honor and has some great experiences to share.

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