Caption contest: We’re a little bit obsessed with this photo

We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to @kageasaurus, who caught VP for Student Affairs Todd Olson at last night’s Dr. Seuss-themed Midnight Breakfast.

So, commenting horde, what’s Olson’s thinking?

20 Comments on “Caption contest: We’re a little bit obsessed with this photo

  1. “Todd in the Hat was less successful than I expected.”

  2. “Oh! The Places You Can’t Go! – A Healy Basement Story” by Dr. Olsen

  3. “Stupid Todd! A moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips!”

  4. “There were a number of steps taken to try and make life comfortable for students,” Olson said. “The fact is it was a day that was confusing in many ways.”

  5. “It’s breakfast at Midnight! Isn’t that crazy, sport? Look at my hat! Funny huh, kiddo? Oh, that’s ok, I’ll just stand over here.”

  6. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you, kiddo. I thought the hat was funny. Please just talk to me.”

  7. “Todd likes his eggs fertilized! Heh heh. Is that coming on too strong? Sorry.”

  8. Just another example of Georgetown getting out of control and disturbing the neighborhood. Breakfast at Midnight?! Do we live in an anarchic society run by Satanists? Did Dr. Olson present that hat to the ANC for approval? It’s not in the minutes. I will not be satisfied until Dr. Olson is forced to live on-campus on a cot in Sellinger Lounge. Until then, I’ll be sure to call 911 whenever I see such outrageous behavior embodied by this man eating silently in a corner with a silly hat on.

  9. Todd’s eating style is way too reminiscent of my freshman year eating at Leo’s. “Keep your eyes on your plate and nobody will notice you.”

  10. “Little do they know these eggs are grinded up dorm rats…”

  11. “How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?”

  12. “I do not like them in a house.
    I do not like with a… mouse?
    I do not like them here…

    Ah, fuck it.


  13. “Why didn’t Holy Cross pick me? Was it the hat?”

  14. “The consumption of green eggs is an important part of our culture and it’s imperative that we as a community be educated on it’s effects.”

  15. “I wish these Georgetown kids could get their literary allusions right. The Cat in the Hat had nothing to do with ‘Green Eggs and Ham.'”

  16. “We’ve taken a number of steps to ensure that all members of the campus community are able to enjoy Midnight Breakfast. Based on my calculations, this experience is carried out at some expense to the university and we will have to evaluate the event’s feasibility for the future. I want to reiterate that we remain open to all suggestions about how to improve the student experience at Georgetown.”

  17. awww, be nice. <3 me some Todd O.

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