GUSA names working group membership for SAFE proposals, sets timelines for project feasibility

GUSA’s Finance and Appropriations committee has named the “Working Groups” to be responsible for creating plans to implement the proposals of the Student Activities Endowment Commission.

The groups, operating in tandem with FinApp, will be responsible for further developing the set of proposals approved by the Endowment Commission at the end of April. The working groups will be responsible for researching the feasibility of each project, obtaining formal University support for proposals and then developing plans for their implementation.

According to the operating procedures established by FinApp, “[the feasibility of projects] must be determined for primary recommendations by the end of the fall 2011 semester and for secondary recommendations by the end of February 2012.”

A group consisting of three FinApp members, along with student body president and vice-president Mike Meaney (SFS ’12) and Greg Lavarierre (COL ’12), will oversee groups implementing specific projects. Individual working groups have been established to study the Healy Student Space and Solar Energy proposals, along with the alternative proposed allocations for the SIPS fund and New South Student Center.

After the jump, read the full FinApp report including membership of each group.

Working Groups Rules and Operating Procedures

7 Comments on “GUSA names working group membership for SAFE proposals, sets timelines for project feasibility

  1. Great, another committee established to study the result of a commissions report so that a committee of GUSA can vote to create a new committee. Right? Good intentions tho:-) Maybe GUSA should establish a blue ribbon working group to consider how future committees should be created. Can someone draw us a flow chart?

  2. Frankly, I’m glad GUSA’s taking their time on this. This is a ton of money that should be spent wisely and carefully.

  3. Only a bureaucracy can fight a bureaucracy on its own turf, people.

  4. @ Reality police and Sad Truth

    Denial ain’t just a river.

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