SFS-Q holds third undergraduate commencement

Last Saturday, the Gulf Times reported that the Georgetown Unviersity University School of Foreign Service-Qatar had graduated its third class of undergraduates. As in previous years, University President John DeGioia delivered the commencement address to the class of 46.

In his address, DeGioia told the graduates, “When we live our lives at the frontiers, we work at the forefront of the possible. We seek out new learning and knowledge, new ways of leading and being, new ways of understanding others and ourselves. We embrace the tensions and ambiguities created by the unexplored to address the greatest challenges before us.”

Thirty-three of the graduates were majors in international politics, while 13 majored in culture and politics. These were the only majors available at the satellite campus until international economics was added this year.

Approximately 38 percent of the students hailed from Qatar, but the U.S., Canada, India, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a handful of other Arab states were also represented at the podium.

Photo: Gulf Times

9 Comments on “SFS-Q holds third undergraduate commencement

  1. President DeGioia then flew to China, where he delivered a speech to the 17th Politburo of the Communist Party of China. Following that, he flew to England for a reciprocal meeting with Prince Charles and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace. He then returned to Washington, where he met with various dignitaries and heads of state. As of press time, he arrived back in Georgetown, where he had a private lunch with Jose Mara Aznar and Alvaro Uribe.

    In other university news, new Franklin & Marshall President, Dan Porterfeld, was seen eating with students at F&M’s dining halls, soliciting campus opinion on Twitter, and hosting a meeting with the the Diplomatic Congress, F&M’s student government. At press time, President Porterfeld was unreachable, as he was on a several-day community service retreat with new freshmen.

  2. Another exciting adventure for Jack DeGioia: International Man of Mystery

  3. I feel like as much as the DeGioia hate is warranted in most cases, this time his travel is legitimate. Like it or not, he is the president of SFS-Q too. Clearly the other events he’s been to in the past have been less than necessary, but I feel like this falls under what it means to fulfill the duties of a university president.

  4. Steven is right. This is one of the few good reasons Jack has for leaving the country. (Honestly, I’m not sure why he even spends so much time off campus, much less touring the globe, but whatever.) But yes, as President of Georgetown, he does play a part in the graduation ceremonies of our far-off cousin, SFS-Q.

  5. Imagine a world where a president cared just as much about the students as the universities image…

  6. Imagine a world where the university’s image had an impact on its students…


    but yeah.

  8. F&M. I dont think DeGioia was hired to pour out his heart over a shared basket of thursday chicken fingers. I am glad he spends his time building the university’s image and building programs. Maybe VP of student affairs should be the man of the people?

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