Jack Evans celebrates twenty years on D.C. Council

Mayor Vincent Gray and other colleagues joined D.C. Councilman Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) at an event last Friday celebrating his twenty years representing Ward Two, which includes Georgetown University and its environs, on the D.C. Council.

Evans was first elected to the Council on April 30, 1991. Nowadays, he is best known as a pro-business councilman – supporting a $22 million tax loophole for large corporations – and a consistent critic of Georgetown University.

“Even if students who live off-campus in our neighborhood are well behaved, it is too much of a strain on residents,” Evans wrote in his regular column in the Georgetowner newspaper.

Evans supports the idea of requiring the University to house 100 percent of its undergraduates on campus. In 1997, he put his weight behind a zoning overlay that would prevent more than three unrelated persons from living in Burleith and West Georgetown residences. The Zoning Commission overruled the proposal as discriminatory.

Earlier this year, the councilman also pressured administrators to scrap an 83-foot-tall chimney that would dissipate pollution from the heating and cooling plant.

At the commemoration ceremony, Evans’ colleagues expressed their appreciation for his two-decade tenure on the Council.

“Today, we mark the occasion with immense gratitude for his steadfast commitment and dedication,” said D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown. “Our city has been transformed over these many years, due, in large part, to his vision and oversight. As the longest serving member of the Council, he has become synonymous with the institution.”

The all-time longest serving members of the D.C. Council were Hilda Mason (Statehood Green-At-Large) and Charlene Drew Jarvis (D-Ward 4), who each served 22 years from 1977-1999 and 1979-2001, respectively.

h/t Georgetown Dish, Photo: Wikipedia

4 Comments on “Jack Evans celebrates twenty years on D.C. Council

  1. You mean Charlene Drew Jarvis.

    Can anyone think of a situation when Jack Evans showed courage and stood up for justice and not wealthy special interests? Remember, this is the guy who stated, “The facts don’t matter, it’s all politics.”

  2. DR: no, no I can’t. As GGW put it, he is the most likely CM to “comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted.”

  3. He may be a spineless, feckless lickspittle, but by golly, he’s OUR spineless, feckless lickspittle! Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be rid of him any time soon – his epic fail of a mayoral campaign has rightly convinced him that seeking citywide office is a losing proposition, and the business groups in Georgetown and elsewhere in Ward 2 like him too much to cut his marionette strings. Probably the best we can hope for is that he gets tired of dealing with constituents and city governance minutiae and uses his connections to get himself appointed to a judgeship.

    I will raise a celebratory glass when Councilman Yertle The Turtle is gone for good.

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