Graduation gaffe: Congrats, “Univeristy” alums

Update: University Registrar John Q. Pierce sent an e-mail to campus press organizations apologizing for the error.

“We recognize that the tradition of excellence we celebrate today far exceeds this oversight,” he wrote. Those who want to obtain a corrected copy may do so by e-mailing

Georgetown’s 2011 Commencement book contains the name and high school of every graduating senior, the name, college, and discipline of every graduating graduate student, and loads of other quasi-useful information, including a brief history of our fine University.

You know what else it contains? A pretty egregious spelling error, emblazoned across the bottom of the front cover. Here’s a closer look:

Congratulations, graduates!

23 Comments on “Graduation gaffe: Congrats, “Univeristy” alums

  1. @Tim

    There’s not really much else to say.

  2. I doubt anything will happen. Mistakes happen, but how nobody caught this is unbelievable. I bet they didn’t even open the boxes till the day off. What a send off for its graduates.

  3. They managed to get my name right, so right now I’m picking my battles.

  4. I can always count on old-Georgetown to botch something. The entire staff needs a overhaul. Good luck getting a donation from me.

  5. I don’t think anyone will be fired, but I would almost bet that the Univer-isty reprints them and sends them out to parents. Don’t want to chance that a typo would screw them out of any donation money…

    It was a funny distraction from feeling like I was melting to death yesterday, though.

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