ANC Wrap-up: “What we don’t do is decide anything.” -Ron Lewis

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E (Georgetown-Burleith-Hillandale) met for its monthly meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday at Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School.

And threw it out the…

The ANC was not supportive of requests to convert the second story of a 35th Street residence into an apartment. According to Commissioner Ron Lewis, ANC 2E would not consider a resolution to support the request until after the zoning regulation amendments and Campus Plan hearings were wrapped up.

“Students living off campus is a major concern,” Lewis said. “Until those key issues are resolved, we cannot support it.”

The Citizen’s Association of Georgetown and the ANC were particularly concerned that  the residence would not be owner-occupied. The owner of the property could not attend the meeting to respond to these concerns.

Random acts of burglary

Metropolitan Police Department Lt. John Hedgecock reported that violent crime in the Second District is down 50% compared to last year. However, property crime – including burglaries and bicycle thefts – has doubled this year, following a citywide trend.

Hedgecock also responded to a question by Commission Ed Solomon regarding a recent sexual assault by a taxi driver in Georgetown. Like similar crimes that occurred across the District this month, the driver picked up a lone female at Wisconsin and Prospect, took her to another location than where she requested, and sexually assaulted her in the back seat. Anyone with tips can call (202) 727-9009 or 1-888-919-2746.

Bikesharing is caring

Chris Holben, bicycle specialist for District Department of Transportation provided updates regarding additional Capital Bikeshare stations in Georgetown. Holben said he would be willing to work with the ANC on pursuing South Rose Park on M Street as a new bikeshare station.

According to Holben, the program received an additional $2 million of federal highway funds to expand the program citywide. This money will fund 40 additional stations on top of the 25 currently in the works.

Also, DDOT is in conversation with the University to temporarily moving the bikeshare location at 37th and O Streets, NW, to just within the front gates if the O and P street reconstruction necessitates it. Since it was about moving things behind the front gates, the idea was well received by the ANC.

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