No plans tomorrow? Picnic with your friendly neighbors!

It’s no news that Georgetown University students have a somewhat contentious relationship with our neighbors to the North. Read: Burleithers hate us.

So it’s no wonder that most of us probably didn’t receive invites to the Burleith Annual Summer Picnic in the Park, which takes place this Saturday, June 11, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Green Lot on Whitehaven Parkway and 37th Street. The picnic looks like loads of fun: Activities on the website include a nature walk (you know, through all the wilderness there is out there on R Street) and the mysteriously labeled “new and fun kids’ activities.”

But get this—nobody ever said this was an invite-only picnic. So we here at Vox are encouraging any and every one of our dear, loyal readers who are still in D.C. (particularly those of you who are both students and Burleith residents), to turn this picnic into a Georgetown affair. Show up, introduce yourselves to Lenore Rubino, snap a picture with resident photographer Stephen Brown, and maybe you’ll even get a chance to throw this guy’s lawn sign on the barbecue.

Basically, make Burleithers realize just how bored they’d be without us in their communities to complain about.

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7 Comments on “No plans tomorrow? Picnic with your friendly neighbors!

  1. PLEASE! This is just the sort of event that students should embrace. FREE BBQ!

    Seriously, take this opportunity to mingle with your neighbors in a pleasant environment and show your willingness to be part of the community. It can’t hurt, and should be fun.

  2. Some friends of mine went a couple of summers ago (I had work, so I couldn’t), and apparently they offer really good beer. For what it’s worth. Plus, if you tutor or babysit, probably a good way to line up some customers.

  3. I’m sorry that more GU students did not take advantage of the opportunity to mingle with their neighbors at the Burleith picnic. It was a classic “neighborhood” event, lots of kids and dogs. And there were SOME GU students there too, taking advantage of the free Rocklands BBQ, delicious crepes, and yes, free beer and soft drinks, and the chance to show that they too were a part of the community. GERMS was there with their ambulance and giving kids a tour. Nice touch.

    You have a second chance tomorrow with Volta Park Day starting at 3:00 pm. I don’t know that there will be free beer, but you have the same opportunity to network. I know several GU alums who got their first jobs from neighbor connections.

  4. I think that a Georgetown student should call the police on it and complain that the neighbors are making too much noise.

  5. There were quite a few students there and we all had a good time. There was beer, great food and a terrific jazz band. The firemen and the cops were there and no one got arrested. If you missed it because you think your Burleith neighbors aren’t fond of students, you are wrong. We’ve had great relationships with students for a long time both as neighbors and as tenants. We are having a battle with your administration (probably something you are or should interested in) about reinvesting in the school. It’s been a hassle and some of you haven’t made it easy for the rest of us. If you are in new to Burleith, welcome.
    Stephen Brown

  6. @Stephen Brown,

    If you think you’ve “had great relationships with students for a long time,” you’re more delusional than I thought you were. Given that you want to roll back DC civil rights laws, it’s strange that you say that students are welcome at your event, but not in your neighborhood. (I bet some of your best friends are black people, as long as they don’t live in Burleith.)

    By the way, Stephen, are Jewish students welcome at Burleith events? After all, you posted “I am one of the few people in the world who is ‘persona non grata’ in the State of Israel and proud of it!!”

  7. Nice one DR. Stick it to that hypocritical twit.

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