Catholic University President tells WSJ that same-sex dorms will prevent “hooking up”

Despite being a Jesuit institution, Georgetown has long been angering conservative Catholic groups for the way we let our students engage in repulsive, amoral activity. And this week, we get an even further downgrade on the scale of Good Christiandom, as one of our fellow D.C. universities introduces a new law to prevent immorality among its students.

On Monday, June 13, the Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed piece written by John Garvey, president of our neighboring Catholic University, entitled “Why We’re Going Back to Single-Sex Dorms.” The subhead, which sounds vaguely like the title of a satirical Onion article, reads that “student housing has become a hotbed of drinking and hooking up.”

Hotbed? Is that supposed to be a double entendre?

And if you make it past the comical subheadline, the rest of the article isn’t much better. Garvey outright blames the use of coed dorms for the rampant binge drinking and sexual indiscretion that occur at universities across the country. Wielding various uncited, carefully chosen statistics about the percentage of students who live in coed dorms and participate in such debauchery versus those who live in single-sex residences, Garvey concludes that all students would be safer, healthier, and act like good moral Christians if they didn’t have the opposite sex corrupting them in their residence halls.

No really, he actually says that. “I would have thought that young women would have a civilizing influence on young men. Yet the causal arrow seems to run the other way. Young women are trying to keep up—and young men are encouraging them (maybe because it facilitates hooking up).”

Any student who’s taken an intro-level stats class can see the flaws in Garvey’s use of statistics. Example: “Students in co-ed housing are more likely (55.7%) than students in single-sex dorms (36.8%) to have had a sexual partner in the last year—and more than twice as likely to have had three or more.”

Sorry, Mr. President, but correlation does not imply causality.

In the end, the Garvey announces that starting this coming academic year, freshmen at CU will be living in single-sex residence halls. The following year, this change will apply to sophomores, until all CU students are safely living in residence halls surrounded by members of their own gender (interestingly, Garvey never addresses how this would affect the behavior of LGBT students).

Sorry, older generation of CU students, but looks like your president has entirely given up on saving your moral character.

Photo from Catholic News Agency.

17 Comments on “Catholic University President tells WSJ that same-sex dorms will prevent “hooking up”

  1. Yet another example of the radical homosexual agenda that is attempting to destroy America by forcing all good Christian undergraduates to only associate with the same sex. Everyone knows that teenagers are notoriously unwilling to venture more than 50 feet in an attempt to find a sexual partner. This Garvey fellow doesn’t fool me. He’s definitely in the pocket of Big Gay.

  2. I’m not a fan of same-sex dorms myself, but I really can’t believe how condescending this article is. The students who go to CU know what they’re getting in to, and likely feel that their version of a Christian lifestyle will make them better people and bring them closer to God. Leigh Finnegan’s tone in this article smacks of anti-Catholic bigotry, something that I thought the Voice was opposed to…
    Disclaimer: I am not Catholic nor am I particularly chase, I just think this article is absolute bulls*it.

  3. Let’s give Catholic credit for one thing: this is clearly a thumb in the eye to the U.S. News Rankings. Unlike any school in America, Catholic is clearly trying to hurt its #120 ranking. What next – denying federal loans? Refusing to accept SAT scores? Telling your graduates not to donate to the school? Firing all professors with terminal degrees?

    In the end, no student can have sex with other students when you become The University of Phoenix Online.

  4. And in the end, what difference does it make? I know that as a Georgetown undergrad, I loved sneaking into the GW sorority houses. No male guests? Puh-lease. Half the fun was getting caught during a fire drill or sneaking out at 6:00am/great excuse for not snuggling.

  5. I think I assumed Catholic already had single-sex dorms…

    I mean, the reasoning seems a bit naive, but there’s nothing offensive about single-sex dorms.

  6. “drinking and hooking up”? That happens everywhere, including same sex dorms and the Vatican.

  7. I am just surprised that Catholic didn’t have all same-sex dorms at this point. Notre Dame does. The reasoning is flawed here, but why would you even go to Catholic (or schools like BYU, Liberty etc.) if you don’t subscribe wholeheartedly with the underlying religious beliefs that those schools are founded on?
    These are not schools like Georgetown or Boston College, where the marginal utility of attending could be much greater than whatever minor hindrances the religious identity of these schools might pose on those students that don’t already subscribe to the same views but choose to attend regardless.

  8. “I would have thought that young women would have a civilizing influence on young men.”

    Whoa. He should probably go to a women’s rugby party sometime. We’ll show him a good time.

  9. Mr. Garvey’s heteronormative assumptions and blatant disregard for the LGBT community is both ignorant and offensive. He doesn’t have to support it, but he could at least acknowledge it’s out there.

  10. @anonymous

    Why would a gay person ever decide to go to CU?

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  13. Correlation does not imply causality.

    Does that apply to mocking him for the subhead? How do you know he wrote it and not the editors at the WSJ?

  14. “Any student who’s taken an intro-level stats class can see the flaws in Garvey’s use of statistics.”

    Translation: “My daddy issues prevent me from accepting anything at face value that doesn’t conform to my unwarranted sense of self-regard, and general desire to live life like one big elementary school recess session.”

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