Comments of the Week: Quit hatin’ on Thirds, you were a freshman once

We suspect that AntiSemitic Steven Brown was being a tad sarcastic when discussing his/her namesake’s potential move from Burleith:

“I think that I will be moving by that time,” Burleith resident Stephen R. Brown complained.

Bummer…he’s such a great guy, it will be hard to lose him from this fine community.

Except gave us a little history lesson to accompany the latest Georgetown drug scandal:

However, the officer also noted that dealers ”usually use fictitious names.”

Except when they don’t. And then the SWAT team breaks in, ties up your elderly mother, and shoots your dogs. Even though you’re the mayor of the town. Because they didn’t bother informing the town’s police force of what they were doing.

Asuka made some harsh judgments about a guy barely hanging onto his 30’s just trying to get some action in a bar that notoriously skews to the younger side:

If you’re 38 and still going to Third E’s you should probably just jump off the Key Bridge.

…But someone who may or may not be basketball forward Jerrelle Benimon steps right up to Thirds’s defense:

How can the guy from the third post say that the “club was terrible”??? Third’s is God’s gift to humankind.

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