Class of 2010 leads young alumni donations

As the University’s 2011 fiscal year came to a close on June 30, the number of young alumni donations is up 10 percent, and the class of 2010 is leading the pack.

“This has been a banner year for our young alumni program,” said Assistant Director of Advancement Benjamin Jarrett. “These numbers, while not final, are incredibly impressive.”

This marks two years that the Office of Advancement has posted increased donor yield from members of the five most-recently graduated classes. At the end of fiscal year 2010, around 30 percent more students had donated compared with the previous year.

At 509 donors, the class of 2010 broke a previous young alumni record of 488 set by the class of 2008.

According to Jarrett, this year’s young alumni also donated at a rate 5 percent higher than other graduates. The class of 2010 had the highest participation rate at 34 percent, but no individual class fell below 25 percent yield.

  • Class of 2010: 34% (509 donors, 1477 donor base)
  • Class of 2009: 26% (438 donors, 1655 donor base)
  • Class of 2008: 29% (449 donors, 1575 donor base)
  • Class of 2007: 29% (435 donors, 1507 donor base)
  • Class of 2006: 31% (463 donors, 1481 donor base)

Although the fiscal year has ended, the Office of Advancement is still counting donations postmarked on or just before June 30.

7 Comments on “Class of 2010 leads young alumni donations


    (Seriously. How much did each class raise?)

  2. The Office of Advancement didn’t have those numbers on hand because they’re still tabulating, but I’ll try to post an update when they do.

  3. It’d be interesting to compare with employment rate. Just anecdotally, 2009 seemed roughest in that group.

  4. The amount of money isn’t necessarily important. As long as new graduates get in the habit of giving right away, they are more likely to continue giving year to year, and will adjust their level of support commensurate with salary. These are good numbers, at least for Georgetown. I’d be interested to see how these compare with peer institutions.

  5. I agree with Typical. How do these numbers compare with peer giving rates? And what’s the overall giving rate?

    I can only find numbers as of 2009, but GU’s is not pretty.

    % of Alumni Giving , National University

    60% , Princeton
    53% , Dartmouth
    51% , Notre Dame
    43% , Yale
    41% , Harvard
    40% , Duke
    40% , Brown
    38% , U Penn
    37% , MIT
    37% , Wash U
    36% , Stanford
    36% , Columbia
    36% , Emory
    34% , Cornell
    34% , Rice
    33% , Johns Hopkins
    32% , U Chicago
    30% , Northwestern
    29% , Caltech
    28% , Georgetown
    25% , Vanderbilt
    24% , U Virginia
    22% , Carnegie Mellon
    14% , UC Berkeley
    14% , UCLA

    Yes, we may have 34% of the Class of 2010, but that’s still low compared to peer institutions’ overall giving rates. God only knows what the overall rate is.

    Perhaps Georgetown should inquire into why 67% of the class of 2010 didn’t donate, rather than celebrate the fact that 34% did. I can guarantee you the low participation rates have a lot to do with the poor and patronizing way the administration treats its students.

  6. not sure which number is right for the year 2008….488 or 449…

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