Georgetown student body voted “most annoying” in the District

It was an election that, let’s face it, we all probably could’ve called. Last week, ever-hating local blog The D.C. Shitlist created a poll, asking its readers which D.C. school educates the most obnoxious bunch of young scholars. The results are in, and guess what, Hoyas: It’s us.

Not only that, but it’s overwhelmingly us. Of the 346 votes cast by Shitlist readers, Georgetown received a whopping 216. And while there’s a good chance that at least 50 of those were cast by the various aliases of Steven R. Brown, we can’t ignore that a good number of D.C.-ers still think we’re more annoying than our peers.

And, to add insult to injury, the blog also lists the ways by which we’ve been able to add this to our fine University’s list of accomplishments. Apparently, we “believe all of D.C. resides on M Street,” and engage in “occasional primal cheers of ‘Hoya Saxa’ when intoxicated.” The first we can take issue with, but let’s admit it, we do love us some drunkencelebratory chanting.

And come on, we do so many more annoying things. How about our never-ending campus plan hearings? Our habit for public urination? This guy?

But don’t fret, annoying students of Georgetown. Despite our status as the most irritating, Shitlist insists that they “love having all of these universities in the District, and believe having them here contributes a great deal to D.C.”

And hey, if you think we’re annoying now, just wait until we get in on the new Brooks Brothers Collegiate Collection.

15 Comments on “Georgetown student body voted “most annoying” in the District

  1. they should be pleased that we have school spirit, and they should know better than to think we only believe DC is on M street, the Verizon Center definitely isn’t on M! then again… next thing we’ll know Sperry will come out with a collegiate collection, something tells me we could make that one too

  2. Hardy, har har. Tippee Canoe and Tyler too! Soon you will all be on campus and then you can amuse one another all you want. It could’ve been avoided but that isn’t your style.

  3. Of course we’re going to get the most annoying school in the DC area. We’re located in a residential neighborhood, we actually have school spirit and a sense of camaraderie because lets face it, there is no easy way to get through GU without developing a community that can support each other and most importantly, we know how to have fun together in order to create a healthy balance in our lives.

    If you find us that annoying, maybe you should have done a bit of research and never moved into the area. Take a bit of responsibility for your actions and don’t self-victimize yourselves by giving away your agency the moment something happens to bother you. Self-pity works for a four year old, not for someone with a functioning brain stem.

  4. It’s “Tippecanoe and Tyler, too,” silly. I’m not sure why you think a Presidential campaign slogan from 1840 is at all appropriate here, but you could at least spell it right.

    *probably proves Georgetown’s annoyingness, but who cares*

  5. @Andy,

    The sentiment isn’t just from the residents of Gtown and Burleith, that’s for sure. But most students wouldn’t leave campus long enough to realize that…

  6. @KB

    Apologies for not taking the rest of the country into account. Allow me to rephrase. I have lived on two continents and spent time living or taking classes on over a dozen university campuses both here in the US and in Europe. I have seen drunken fights between university students and townees in the UK. I make a point to visit some place in DC every Sunday because I detest staying in one place for too long and its good to see what else is out there. I come from a city of over 13 million people, more traffic than you would care to ever know and more noise than the cities of DC, Baltimore and Boston put together. Georgetown students, in the relative scheme of things and relatively compared to other universities in other cities, are nothing.

    While I don’t approve of drunken stupidity, and I do sincerely apologize if my schoolmates have done anything to you or your family while intoxicated, determining GU as the most annoying school in the District as a summary judgment is naive and narrow minded. And that passive aggressive comment at the end of your comment only serves to prove that you already have unwavering and cynical beliefs concerning GU students that were originally biased by some archaic and probably irrational dislike of my school. I fully admit that we’re not the quietest, most docile group of students in the world but got off your high horse

  7. Also, not to point out the obvious, but bear in mind the source of this “honor.” The D.C. Shitlist is far from being a bastion of professional journalism, so I’m not too worried about Georgetown being named the most annoying school in DC. Maybe we are, maybe we aren’t. Either way, a survey that had only 346 total votes in a city of 581,000 people should be taken as a funny jab at young college kids and nothing more than that.

  8. @Eileen.

    I’m a vampire and I’ve been alive since 1791. It reminds me of my youth. You think it’s a joke but it isn’t.

  9. “Youth”? If you were born in 1791, then you’d have been 49 in 1840. No wonder 20-year-old actual youth is so alien to you…it’s all making sense now…

  10. How the hell did Ohio State make the Brooks Bros collegiate collection? Disgraceful.

    BTW, students don’t leave G’town bc the rest of the city is filled with people who care about the correct spelling of Tippecanoe. Also disgraceful.

  11. @Andy,

    I’m not the presumptuous one here. I’m a GU student, and I’m also not from bumfuck nowhere (3 continents..). I don’t think the behavior of Gtown students in the neighborhood is too bad at all, like you said. But “annoying” encompasses other factors, including the insular, naive attitude and difficulty operating outside of the bubble. I don’t blame people for having a bad view of students who know very little about the city they’ve been living in for 2, 3, 4 years.

    At the same time, more *normal* interaction between GU students and other DC residents can help to change this impression.

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  13. Right, I’ve never been to Adams Morgan. If fact, I’ve never been past Mcfaddens. #hoyasaxaforlife

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