Prefrosh Preview: Everything you’ve always wanted to know about campus but were too afraid to ask

Welcome to the inaugural post of 2011’s Prefrosh Preview, Vox‘s yearly contribution to the Hilltop lives of our incoming freshman class. Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll be running a bunch of posts designed to help the incoming class of 2015 navigate through those confusing first few weeks at Georgetown. In today’s post, it’s a map of campus, with important things about different spots you might want to know about.

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Info on all of these marked buildings after the jump!

Freshman Dorms (blue markers):

  • Village C West: The only freshman dorm where each room boasts its own personal bathroom. Which is cool, as long as you remember to clean it. If not, you might find yourself sleeping on your common room couch and going to Harbin to shower.
  • Harbin Hall: Big, square-ish building, where rooms are organized into clusters. This residence has been home to some of our most famous Georgetown freshmen, including former president Bill Clinton (SFS ’68) and, more recently, the infamous DMT kids.
  • New South Hall: Big rooms, long hallways, shared bathrooms. Great for socializing and hosting (very quiet) pregames, not so great if you ever want to get to bed before 1 a.m.
  • Darnall Hall: The dorm so infamous it was once celebrated by a short-lived sitcom. It’s a hike from a lot of the more important buildings, and the rooms are generally the smallest of all of the freshman residences. Sorry.

Academic Buildings (red markers):

  • Bunn Intercultural Center: NEVER called this, always referred to as “ICC.” You’ll find yourself with at least a few classes in here, and if you’re in the School of Foreign Service you might as well move in. Helpful note: There’s no cell service on the ground floor.
  • White-Gravenor Hall: Houses the Registrar’s office, the Office of Admissions, and a bunch of classrooms. More importantly, it’s a big, pretty building, and on its left side there’s a koi pond and cool statue, which makes a great, quiet place to relax/study.
  • Healy Hall: Our most famous building, looks straight out of Hogwarts. Classrooms, offices, and Gaston Hall, which hosts lots of cool speakers.
  • St. Mary’s Hall: Main building of the School of Nursing and Health Studies and the Math and Computer Science Departments. Location-wise, it’s awesome if you live in Darnall, and a pain in the ass if you live anywhere else.
  • Edmund A. Walsh Memorial: A block off campus, located conveniently right across the street from Wisey’s. Most important thing about this building: No wireless. It’s historically been wifi-free, but starting this month it moves into the world of modern technology. Those who want to go on Facebook (or check Vox) during class, rejoice!
  • Car Barn: Created for the sole purpose of confusing incoming freshmen. It’s on Prospect Street, near the Exorcist Stairs. No cars, no barns.
  • Reiss Science Building: Our soon-to-be-defunct science center, and home to Blommer Science Library. Eventually, it’s going to be replaced by whatever’s being built in that big lot next to Leavy.
  • Rafik B. Hariri Building: Big, shiny, and new. The outside is equal parts stone, brick, and glass, and the inside is easily nicer than any other building on campus. If you’re in the McDonough School of Business, you’ll have virtually every class there. If you’re not, it’s arguably the best study space on campus, just don’t tell anyone that you’re not studying for Accounting.

Other Cool/Important Buildings and Features (Green Markers):

  • Lauinger Library: Go ahead and complain. It’s ugly, it’s too small, and it might force you into a primitive state of being, where you’re fighting tooth-and-nail for an outlet and cursing at everyone in the line at Midnight MUG, the coffee shop on the second floor, that’s standing between you and your funny-tasting caffeine fix. But you’ll spend inordinate amounts of time there, you’ll watch the sun rise from the fifth floor after an all-nighter, and who knows, you might even learn to love it.
  • Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall: Always known as “Leo’s,” another facility you’ll have a love/hate relationship with. But we’ll tell you more about that in a later post.
  • Yates Field House: Where you’ll go to get your exercise. Every student automatically has a membership, but classes cost extra. The best thing about it is that it’s at the top of a giant hill, so once you get up there your workout is already halfway done.
  • Leavey Center: The closest thing we have to a student center. It houses the bookstore, Sellinger Lounge (another great place to study if Lau bums you out), and a mall-style fast food court with the closest Taco Bell for miles. On the upper floors, you’ll find offices for various campus groups, including The Voice, Vox‘s affiliated newsmagazine. We’re in room 413, and we always love visitors.
  • McDonough Arena: Big gymnasium. Convocation is there, and so are the women’s basketball games. And, occasionally, so is President Obama.

Stay tuned throughout the upcoming weeks for more helpful prefrosh guides!

9 Comments on “Prefrosh Preview: Everything you’ve always wanted to know about campus but were too afraid to ask

  1. Don’t forget the trick entrances to White-Gravenor: Admissions is the center front door, classrooms are the side front doors, and the registrar/student account stuff is through the side door next to ICC. (Yes, I once wandered, lost, through the admissions office looking for a classroom.)

  2. @Edmund A. Walsh Memorial Building
    I completely forgot! Congratulations on moving into the 21st Century, and I’ll update the post now.

  3. Perhaps incoming freshmen should not be told this before they even get here because these were two of my favorite Georgetown “secrets” but:
    1. Not all classes at Yates cost extra. You can take yoga, swimming, tennis, weight-training, several kinds of dance, and probably other lessons for free. Just sign up on MyAccess when you register for classes (they’re listed under leisure and recreation).
    2. The med school library is a fantastic place to study! Quiet, open 24 hours, plenty of outlets (though its aesthetic qualities rival Lau’s).

    (Speaking of Lau, University of Michigan students call their undergraduate library the UGLI (UnderGraduate LIbrary), which would be a fitting name for Lau too, not that we should steal.)

  4. The Darnall bashing is tired, unoriginal, and getting just plain annoying. The dorm is far nicer than many give it credit for, and Village C rooms are smaller than Darnall. The rooms have an abundance of outlet and desk space (although admittedly not as much as New South), and awkward layouts and forced bunking of beds isn’t a problem like it often is in Harbin.

  5. One of my pet peeves with Georgetown tours, lore: Clinton lived in Harbin as a junior. It wasn’t a freshmen dorm then.

  6. Check the Reiss Science Building post. First off, if you’ve been on campus anytime during the last six months you’ll notice it isn’t a huge lot, but rather a large building….there’s even a website about with a webcam showing the progress.

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