Princeton Review justifies its existence, ranks colleges

Iiiiiitttt’s that time again: College ranking season is upon us!

To kick off the 2012 season of ranking our nation’s finest institutions of higher learning, Georgetown is now America’s No. 2 best college town, according to Princeton Review.

Now the prize is really for that collection of townhouses surrounding Thirds and Rhino, but we’ll take credit even though I’m sure CAG is thrilled that Georgetown is considered a college town.

The funniest part? George Washington is #4. Oh what a difference 1.7 miles makes. This just lends weight to my theory that “Density of high-end cupcake bakeries” is one of the contributing factors.

On the flip side, Georgetown University itself holds the No. 2 slot in “Most Politically Active Students,” falling behind only GW. I’m going to venture that the criteria for this doesn’t include “turnout in student government elections.”

Did we at least improve from last year? We were bumped up from tenth and ninth place in the respective categories. Here’s hoping that 2013 sees a “best dorm room drug lab scene” category added to the list.

4 Comments on “Princeton Review justifies its existence, ranks colleges

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  2. Getting kind of nervous about cupcake indoctrination.

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  4. I like this ranking a lot better than the “most annoying students in DC” thing.

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