Senior leads student effort for Rick Perry 2012

With the Texas Governor set to announce a presidential bid on Saturday, over a month of social media politicking by Students for Rick Perry – co-chaired by College senior Joe Knowles – will begin to pay off.

Launched in mid-June, the group has 25 active state and D.C. subsidiaries. And as Chairman Justin Till – a 2010 graduate of Texas’ Angelo State University – pointed out, Students for Rick Perry has more Facebook fans than similar pages for any of the other Republican frontrunners.

“Tough times call for proven leaders,” Knowles wrote in a June 20 press release. “It is time for a candidate that students from all across this country can support who will lead us to strong economic growth and job creation. I am confident that Governor Perry will be that candidate.”

The group recently released a video touting Perry’s fiscal conservatism and Texas’ relative economic success coming out of the recent recession. The Students4Perry YouTube account also points to a 30,000-strong prayer rally where Perry showcased his evangelical bona fides on Saturday.

h/t The Daily Caller

5 Comments on “Senior leads student effort for Rick Perry 2012

  1. Wow, 730 likes instead of 83 and 34. I guess young people really are fired up about this Republican field!

  2. By Mr. Till’s Logic, Lady Gaga is the GOP’s best chance in 2012.

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