Prefrosh Preview: Where to get your groove on

Who says D.C. isn’t good for music? Sure, you can’t find a club on every corner, and for the most part you’ll have to venture pretty far outside that damn “bubble” everybody’s always talking about to get there, but the District has plenty of good venues for live music and DJ sets, and here we give you a nice little rundown of where to find it:

U Street Corridor: D.C.’s fabled center for arts and music, this neighborhood, located on and around U Street in the Northwest, is home to some of our city’s best concert halls, dance clubs, and restaurants.

  • The biggest and most popular of the concert venues is 9:30 Club, which has upcoming shows from the likes of The Hold Steady, Bright Eyes, and Peter Bjorn and John. Bigger names are known to cost a pretty penny and sell out pretty quickly, so it’s best to get tickets early.
  • As for smaller concerts, Black Cat is another favorite among Georgetown students, with smaller shows and more manageable ticket prices. Black Cat is also known for its themed dance parties, which it throws virtually every night there isn’t a musician headlining.
  • Even smaller is DC9, which shows a lot of local acts in addition to national ones. One caveat: Someone got killed there last year.
  • If DJ’s and dance parties are more your thing, look no further than the still relatively new U Street Music Hall. The foremost of D.C.’s DJ-centric dance party venues, this club is dark, underground, and all about music and dancing. For the most part, shows are 21+ at the door and 18+ if you order tickets online.

Concert Venues: Although music is U Street’s specialty, you can still find plenty of live music elsewhere in the District.

  • Rock & Roll Hotel is a hassle to get to by public transit, but it shows some pretty cool acts for reasonable prices, and sometimes they do fun (21+, unfortunately) stuff like drunken spelling bees and the Air Sex World Championship.
  • The Verizon Center isn’t just for basketball: It’s Madison Square Garden’s jealous younger brother to the south. It has about a gazillion seats and tickets cost a small fortune, but it’s the only place in D.C. where you can catch acts like Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift. Plus, as you’ll learn during basketball season, it’s a breeze to get to from the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metro station.
  • Bulldog Alley: Hey, we do concerts in the Leavey Center too sometimes! Last year, WGTB brought Best Coast, and we’re excited for whoever they get next.

Photo from Washington Post.

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  1. There’s also the Filmore Silver Spring opening up this fall. Some big acts like 9:30 club with double the capacity. Walking distance of SS metro too.

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