Prefrosh Preview: NSO institutions and how to deal with them

As NSO descends upon the Hilltop, the incoming freshmen will no doubt be a little scared, unnerved, or weirded out by some of the newness of college life. Here, we’ve compiled a handy list of some common people and things you’ll encounter during your first week here at Georgetown, and some advice about how to deal with them.

List compiled by Leigh Finnegan and Rob Sapunor, drawings by Kathleen Soriano-Taylor.

7 Comments on “Prefrosh Preview: NSO institutions and how to deal with them

  1. Prefrosh, heed these words of wisdom!

    If you go to a party and ask “Is there alcohol in that keg?” you will be laughed out. It’s happened before, don’t let it happen again!

  2. I kept my convocation robe safe and sound for four years. Through Corp storage and other, sketchier summer storage arrangements, it stayed safe and clean. Even now, it’s sitting in my closet, waiting to be re-purposed into a Halloween costume, or who knows, maybe even worn to a Georgetown grad school commencement somewhere down the road!

    … I’ve wasted my life.

  3. Or, be that kid who uses your convocation robe as a Harry Potter costume.

  4. No colored dots? You’ve ignored the most revered NSO institution of them all.

  5. @ Ivan

    No colored dots? You’ve ignored the lamest NSO institution of them all.


  6. Holy Shit, this is so funny and so true. Yet, I always get the feeling that these pre-frosh articles are more for us non-freshman to reflect and laugh at, then for the frosh to learn from. Still, funny shit!

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