SAC advisor Bill McCoy to depart Georgetown in August

SAC advisor and Deputy Director of Student Programs Bill McCoy will be leaving Georgetown in August, according to an announcement from the University’s Center for Student Programs.

In a phone call, McCoy confirmed to Vox that he would be leaving Georgetown for a position at Bucknell university. His departure was announced along with several other changes to CSP staff, including the hiring of Lauren Gagliardi as the center’s new Programs Coordinator.

McCoy’s departure concludes a somewhat tumultuous year for the Student Activities Commission, with a number of student organizations under the SAC umbrella protesting the manner in which events must be approved by the organization. Under the current guidelines, all events hosted by SAC groups – even those which require no funding from the University – must be submitted in a semester-long programming arc and individually approved.

After dozens of student groups signed two open letters to the Commission protesting the guidelines and the clubs’ lack of input in the approval process, SAC adopted several changes to its constitution creating an appeals process for rejected programming arcs and a mechanism to waive funding guidelines on an individual basis. The Commission also held several town hall meetings with club leaders, who used the opportunity to voice frustrations over perceived inequities in the funding process.

Several former club leaders continue to characterize SAC’s stewardship of student programming as inadequate. “When compared to other GU advisory boards […] SAC is virtually unique in its ability to veto almost every piece of student programming,” wrote former IRC chair Eitan Paul in an email.

McCoy has also faced some specific criticism in the past for his role in enforcing Georgetown’s access to benefits policy. However, SAC commissioners have spoken positively of McCoy as an advisor to the commission.

“I had a really positive experience working with Bill” wrote SAC chair Andy Koenig in an email. “[…] in his role as advisor to SAC, Bill has challenged commissioners to consider the perspectives of all members of the Georgetown community.”

According to Koenig and McCoy, current Student Programs Director and Media Board advisor Erika Cohen-Derr will replace McCoy as SAC advisor, although McCoy was unsure whether Cohen-Derr will serve as an interim or permanent advisor.

14 Comments on “SAC advisor Bill McCoy to depart Georgetown in August

  1. Thank God. This guy was such jerk.

    Bill McCoy’s office is where fun ideas went to die.

  2. What a great way to start the year with this ass gone. What an idiot.

  3. Bill McCoy might not have been very nice as a SAC advisor (actually, he was a total jerk), but he does deserve some credit for being the LGBTQ liaison before the center was created. That was a completely thankless job back then, and I think he probably resented being passed over as director of the center when it opened. As I understand it, he’ll get to be LGBT coordinator at Bucknell, which is what he always wanted anyway. Good on him!

  4. a great victory for the universe. Thousands of unanswered emails have found justice.

    regardless. Best luck to him at bucknell

  5. I for one enjoyed every interaction I had working with Bill in CSP. He genuinely cared about the student leaders he worked with, and made every effort to support and encourage not only the students he advised, but fellow staff members as well. He will be missed, and I wish him the best of luck.

  6. Thank you for that sage perspective, Harrison.

    Otherwise, *hi five* for improved student programming.

  7. Can we all be civil here? You might not agree with what he did but there is no need for ad hominem attacks. He worked so hard to do what he genuinely thought was best for student programming.

    Thank you Bill for all your years at Georgetown and best of luck at Bucknell. You will be missed!

  8. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last.

  9. Marta, I think that’s exactly why he was not so fun to work with at CSP — because he didn’t get the LGBT job.
    Everyone that came before us (Class of 2011) loved him, everyone since, not so much.

  10. This is fantastic news. Once of the biggest inhibitors to vibrant student life at Georgetown has been removed.

    Let the reforms continue!

  11. I hope this is just one step of many of a SAC overhaul. The system currently makes it nearly impossible for any new or exciting programming and places an undo burden on the club leaders. Hopefully, the redundant administrative bullshit will be weeded out. As for McCoy leaving, it is a great thing for the University. He has systematically made it impossible for any type of innovation (requiring events to be planned out at least 3 months in advance) and has done his best to treat the club leaders with bitterness. I hope something will get done at SAC now. And for Allyson, leaving: win!

  12. I have always been a proud hoya because of the people, the campus, and its mission. The majority of these comments are incredibly hateful and demonstrate a sad picture of the Georgetown community. Your comments have done literally no good and are harmful to our school’s reputation as well as Bill’s.

    Bill is an insanely hard worker and always stuck his neck out for what he believed was right. I wish him all the best at Bucknell – I imagine he will do great things there.

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