Comments of the Week: We got hit by a hurricane…of freshmen

Jorge exhibits touching concern for the gastronomical safety of his fellow students during the impending attack of Hurricane Irene:

Remember, prepare at least 72 hours worth of food. That’s approximately six to nine chicken madnesses.


Our esteemed University President Jack DeGioia (supposedly) pays a visit to the comments, and takes very personally the loss of Georgetown’s most fascinating administrator:

Why does no one want to work for me anymore?

Jacob bolsters our advice to incoming NSO-ers with a tip about what not to do at a real life keg party:

Prefrosh, heed these words of wisdom!

If you go to a party and ask “Is there alcohol in that keg?” you will be laughed out. It’s happened before, don’t let it happen again!

On the same post, Senior comes up with a creative way to use your black robe during those long four years between Convocation and graduation:

Or, be that kid who uses your convocation robe as a Harry Potter costume

And finally, Schnibbles shares an anecdote about the dreaded freshman summer reading assignment that should be all the proof anybody needs of the existence of karma:

i read the book, wrote the paper, went to the workshop, and the author’s lecture. The following morning I opened a box of coco puffs that had not one, but two transformers movie collectors cards inside. So, interpret that as you will, but I strongly suggest full participation.


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