Public Safety Alert: Threatened assault near Henle Village

At 11:00 p.m. on the evening of Monday, August 29, two students were reportedly followed and threatened by a group of seven unknown males somewhere in the vicinity of Henle Village, according to a University Public Safety Alert sent out earlier today. The group is reported as consisting of seven white males, aged in their late teens or early twenties, six of whom were wearing backwards-facing baseball hats, and at least one of whom had “blonde hair [and] light-colored eyes” and was about “6’2″, 2175 pounds, lean build, wearing khaki pants and a polo shirt.”

One of the males “threatened to assault” the students, and the two walked “quickly” towards Healy Gate. The suspects pursued them, but when they reached a parked car belonging to the Department of Public Safety, they fled in an unknown direction.

DPS asks that anyone with information regarding this incident call them as soon as possible at (212) 687-4343.

3 Comments on “Public Safety Alert: Threatened assault near Henle Village

  1. “…6’2″, 275 pounds, lean build…”

    uh oh, somebody doesn’t have a very good sense of human body weight…

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