Budget concerns at GWU put an end to Collegiate Readership Program

As if we needed yet another sign that print media is on its way out. Yesterday, the GW Hatchet reported that our neighboring George Washington University decided to end its subscription to the Collegiate Readership Program, which supplies daily copies of the New York Times, the Washington Post, and U.S.A Today to students via on-campus newsstands.

The program at GWU has become contentious numerous times since the school first began it in 2000, including decreased student participation that almost led to its demise in 2007 and 2008. In late August, due to budgetary cuts, the school decided to officially end its deliveries of these papers. According to the Hatchet, the program costs GWU approximately $52,000 per year.

This issue is familiar to us at Georgetown, as our own University’s Collegiate Readership Program has found itself endangered on more than one occasion. The promise of participation in the Readership Program has been a platform for various GUSA candidates, and the first to deliver on this promise did so in 2008. However, funding soon became an issue, and the program was officially suspended in 2009. But, to the delight of newspaper-reading Hoyas everywhere, GUSA brought the return of the program in 2011, and as of yet the newspaper stands outside Leo’s, Leavy, ICC, and Lau remain refilled once a day. Here’s hoping we don’t go the way of our neighboring university.

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