Comments of the Week: Raging Community

ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME. voices a common opinion that GPB needs to hire some marketing majors:


Benigone goes in for a low blow:

I think that the Georgetown chemistry department already helped three teenagers make national news about a year ago…

“M Street Shuttle: SafeRides or Sudetenlands” really fired up our commenters.

From Rational Student:

This is a bizarre premise. Either it is a new shuttle service being provided to help students get safely to their desired destinations, or the University is Czechoslovakia and the ANC is Nazi Germany.

If you’re going to go with it, though, Vox… go all the way.

Run this picture ( of DeGioia (left) and Ron Lewis after announcing the news. Run a quote of DeGioia heralding, “Peace in our time!”

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission demands lebensraum!

To Not Greg Monroe:

In the annals of great Vox Populi editors, from the ramblings of the clearly drunk Sommer to the matronly command of Messrs. Heller, Dodd and Bible, from the doting stewardship of Brint to the fucking terrifying dedication of Redden, we have come now to the days of the latest great leader in this line of kings and queens, Sir Ryan Bellmore, who hath bestowed upon us this gem of a blog post title, this grand comparison untoppable until the ends of time, this new holy of holies in Vox lore, primum inter pares!

These mere street vermin whose hearts fill with envy and mouths with falsehoods upon reading this post’s glorious appellation know not of what they speak.


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