“Undetermined Odor” causes evacuation of Healy and Maguire

An “undetermined odor” spurred fears of a gas leak, according to Firefighter A. A. Trapp. At 11:28 a.m. HOYAlert sent out a text that reported a “possible gas leak” in Maguire, and instructed to “avoid library walk.” HOYAlert later texted that Healy Hall was open, and Maguire Hall remains closed.

In the staff parking lot beside Maguire, there were a number of firemen looking into a manhole (pictured above). Along with two firetrucks, there were three other DCFD vehicles on campus.

Update: 1:15 p.m. HOYAlert texted that “Maguire Hall has reopened.”

photo: Nico Dodd

5 Comments on ““Undetermined Odor” causes evacuation of Healy and Maguire

  1. Update: Apparently Jack DeGioia destroyed a stall on the 3rd floor.

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