Fiona Greig, potential Ward 2 Council candidate, talks to DCSS

Monday night DC Students Speak kicked off the academic year by hosting Fiona Greig, a prospective DC Council candidate form Ward 2. Dr. Greig, a fan of smart growth and ethics reform who holds a Ph.D. in public policy from Harvard, would be running against Jack Evans for her seat, so she started off on a good foot.One of the major issues that faces the Council, according to Greig is the widespread corruption. She says that DC suffers from “part-time” government, as indicated by the numerous financial scandals current councilmembers have been involved in. With the district cash-strapped as ever, inappropriate uses of money are unacceptable.

Greig, herself car free, is a huge proponent of smart growth. She supports the proposed streetcar that would connect east and west DC, and she would like to expand the Metro system. (Greig would also like a Georgetown station, and that may be more possible than previously thought). When asked if she would support student discounts for public transportation, she was hesitant to agree because Metro’s bottom line and ability to serve distinct communities outweigh the interests of one population.

Greig took a more pragmatic than pandering stance when it came to the campus plan. To her, Georgetown University is a permanent interest and should be treated like one, especially since it is DC’s largest employer. Greig says that quelling the university’s growth is not good because the city could use the jobs.

Currently Greig is still in the exploratory phase of her committee campaign, and she is looking for on-campus volunteers to join her campaign. She doesn’t have a website up yet, so in the mean time, you can like her on Facebook.

Photo: Lucia He

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10 Comments on “Fiona Greig, potential Ward 2 Council candidate, talks to DCSS

  1. One note — the east-west streetcar isn’t really “proposed.” Ken Archer wrote an article for GGW that’s been cross-posted elsewhere that mostly just dreamed up an idea. There are no current plans to build the streetcar line Archer describes.

  2. She seems like a good candidate. I’m generally fairly happy with CM Evans, he’s done a good job fighting for Ward 2. I think some of Fiona’s anti-Evans tone may be a bit much. But I was turned off by his behavior in the Campus Plan stuff.

    I like that Fiona is very smart on growth and transit, and is willing to refuse to pander to students on the transit subsidy issue even when politically advantageous. Her remarks on the redistricting process at the ANC meeting (however cautious) definitely show that Georgetown students should see her in a favorable light.

  3. I tend to disagree, Artie. Those I’ve spoken with feel similarly.

  4. @JS

    Sticka? I only ask, because I know Jake Sticka uses JS on GreaterGreaterWashington

  5. Newsflash! The District has a surplus and yet they voted to raise taxes on those that make over $350K guaranteeing that most will move to Montgomery County, Md. Odd world isn’t it. The district should be absorbed into Maryland. The City Council is clown college. Considering the amount of federal land in the district and the number of colleges, the council members reside over an area about as large as a Greenwich estate.

  6. @ Beltway Greg:

    Evans voted against this increase. He is a solid and dependable voice for Ward 2. Fiona is nice and smart, I’m sure. Isn’t likely she has the money and support to beat Evans though.

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