Photoshop/Blingee contest! Come one, come all!

Earlier today, the Internet gave a gift to the Georgetown community. Teenage sensation Justin Bieber was photographer trouncing around Brazil with girlfriend Selena Gomez, and guess what team’s hat he used to cover his famed blonde locks? Can it be that the Hoyas have received the endorsement of The Biebs?

And just like that, Georgetown’s application rate for girls ages 10-15 skyrocketed.

Of course, the first thing we thought when we saw this picture (big thanks to Georgetown Athletics, by the way), was to open it up to the public for a Photoshop and/or Blingee contest. By no means are you confined to this particular picture, as there are plenty of others to choose from of Bieber showing his Hoya love. Be as creative, ridiculous, and Blingee’d out as you see fit—and if you can make one that somehow doubles for an advertisement/banner for something Georgetown related, all the better. Link your pictures in the comments, or email them to, and we’ll pick our favorites and post them.

Happy Blingeeing!

6 Comments on “Photoshop/Blingee contest! Come one, come all!

  1. We can have Jack rip him up at sporting events. That would be awesome.

  2. He has got to pull up those drawers. If they fall down the singing sensation will turn into a comedy show.

    I wonder if he shaves?

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