First “Hoya Roundtable” to be held on Wednesday

Photo: Alumni.georgetown.eduThis Wednesday, Chief Operating Officer Christopher Augostini will be holding a forum with University leaders in the Department of Public Safety, auxiliary services, student housing, facilities, and University Information Services to solicit student feedback. The event, held in Sellinger Lounge from 5 p.m. will be the first of a series of discussions in an effort to increase conversation between students and University offices.

The series, called the Hoya Roundtables, was set in place by Augostini over the summer.

“I just need to know what [the] issues are. Right now at the moment, I’m not quite clear if I fully understand all the issues that students want to lay out for me that that I should understand,” said Augostini.

He used concerns with technology at Georgetown as an example. “The issue of wireless has really improved … [students say] it’s better but there is [more]. I understand the issue of technology but I want to get more granular.”

Augostini, who assumed the position of COO last summer in addition to his responsibilities overseeing the Office of Financial Affairs, said the Roundtables were a vehicle he was going to use in his new role to improve responsiveness to issues of student life.

Over the summer, Augostini first met with student leaders on campus to gauge some of the issues that were most relevant to students. He then met with the management team to come up with a structure that they believed would be most effective way to reach students.

“I don’t want it to be just me talking to the students,” Augostini said. “I want it to be a venue for them to raise issues and I wanted not just me responding, but whoever the head of that unit is.”

The structure of the Roundtables is flexible, and will be modified if they find that it is not the most effective way of reaching out to students.

Michael Wang (MSB ’07) has been working with Augostini’s office to reach out to student leaders. “[We reached out to] the Corp, GUSA, the Credit Union to the Chinese Student Alliance, LASA…. Not just what you would think as the top three student organizations, but to cover what Georgetown represents across the University. There are a lot of voices that aren’t heard but we really tried to cover [them all],” said Wang.

“Frankly if one student shows up, we’ll have the event,” said Augostini. “Every institution has lots of constraint, but to the extent we can’t respond, we have an obligation to tell you why.”

Edit: Here’s the link to the Google Moderator they are using to collect questions beforehand.

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  1. Had the good fortune to attend one of these events over the summer. I would really encourage any Hoya with a complaint/concern about campus operations to come out and voice it.

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