37th and O Street Capitol Bikeshare location shuts down until November

The construction outside the front gates has taken yet another victim. Aside from the blocked-off areas and the sand all over the sidewalks (Editor’s note: That is from the construction, right?), back in May the construction also forced our wonderfully convenient G2 stop to move all the way to Wisconsin Avenue. And now they’re taking away the bikes!

Today, the Capital Bikeshare station that has been sitting right outside the gates for the past year will officially close due to the ongoing construction. But it won’t only refuse to allow members to take or leave a bike—employees will be dismantling the station and entirely removing it. According to an email sent last week by Capital Bikeshare to its users, the station will be reinstalled “in early November.” Since we doubt the construction will be done by then, hopefully they’ll find a place to put it where there’s actual pavement.

The construction which has been gobbling up our convenient travel methods is the “O&P Street Rehabilitation Project,” which aims at fixing or removing old streetcar tracks, replacing water mains, and repairing sidewalks, among other touch-ups. From today through October 17 25, the construction team will begin “milling and paving work” outside the gates, which involves repairing concrete and putting down new asphalt. But hopefully no sand.

6 Comments on “37th and O Street Capitol Bikeshare location shuts down until November

  1. “From today through October 17″ So it’s done now?

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  3. unlike biking, which is known to cause increased blood pressure and stroke

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