Taste of Georgetown: Where Dean and Deluca meets Muncheez Mania

On Saturday, October 15, Wisconsin Avenue from M Street to Waterfront Park was a D.C. food enthusiast’s dream come true. Both sides of the street were lined with tents representing over 30 of Georgetown’s best restaurants, and each served up one, two, sometimes three tasty treats, each for about $5.

The event, of course, was 2011 incarnation of the annual Taste of Georgetown festival, which has been a tradition since 1992. In addition to the tasty treats, which varied from Degrees Bistro‘s pulled pork sliders to confections from mainstay bakeries like Georgetown Cupcake, Baked and Wired (pictured, tutus and all, to the left), and Sprinkles, the event—which drew sizable crowds throughout its run—included tents from Washington City Paper and  the New York Times, as well as from architectural design firms and real estate brokers (none of whom followed the day’s theme by providing snacks). There were also a couple of guys in chefs’s hats on stilts—because what party is complete without stilts?

And even though our Georgetown neighbors aren’t always the fondest of us, Georgetown University played its own role in the afternoon’s festivities, sponsoring the stage where musicians from Georgetown jazz club Blues Alley serenaded the crowd.

What made this year’s festival different from its 17 predecessors, though, was the new Pumpkin Food Fight competition. A significant portion of the vendors offered up foods made with or out of pumpkins, and those foods were sampled by a group of three very lucky judges: Washington Post food writer Tim Carmen, Metrocurean‘s Amanda McClements, and Georgetown Patch editor Shaun Courtney. The contest’s winner wound up being pumpkin hummus on grilled bread with Jamón Serrano, courtesy of Thunder Burger. Second place went to the “spicy pumpkin-coconut soup” with duck served by Mie N Yu, and the “Best Use of Pumpkin” prize (how that distinguishes from the title of the actual contest winner is beyond me) went to Filomena‘s massive slices of fantastic pumpkin cheesecake.

But despite the day’s successes, Georgetown Metropolitan pointed out that the entire day did not run perfectly. “Compliments of Safeway” means “Safeway paid for this so you don’t have to,” not “Pay $1 for an 8 oz. can of generic soda.”

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