Someone on Yahoo Answers gives Georgetown some great publicity

About a week ago, some high school sophomore and Hoya hopeful took to Yahoo! answers to ask the Internet about his/her chances of getting into Georgetown. The kid asked for high school GPAs and SAT scores, and one of his two respondents gave him a legitimate, thought-out answer. But this commenter doesn’t even go to Georgetown. The post’s other respondent, identified only as “George,” gave Georgetown its best endorsement since the Athletics Department bought ad space on Justin Bieber’s forehead.

Dude, I attend Georgetown University, and all I did in high school was smoke pot. Don’t strees yourself too much….

Hoya Saxa.

5 Comments on “Someone on Yahoo Answers gives Georgetown some great publicity

  1. Aw. George misled the poor kid. He failed to include the size of his trust fund!

  2. @Alum

    And none of it ever seems to go to the endowment! GU SFO!

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