SFS-Q students hold first-of-its-kind fundraiser in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In America, breast cancer awareness has become somewhat of a national phenomenon—between the ribbons, the special clothing lines (some from the unlikeliest of retailers), and the White House turning into the Pink House for a night, Americans certainly take the fight for the cure pretty seriously. But in other parts of the world, like Qatar, the disease is not quite so well-publicized, and doesn’t reap the profits of quite as many fundraisers.

That’s where students in the Women’s Society and Development Club at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar came in. Last week, the students held a very successful fundraiser in honor of October being the U.S.’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the first of its kind in the country. The event consisted of sales from student-made and store-donated baked goods, as well as donations from local fashion designers.

“We wanted to organize an event that would involve all students in Qatar Foundations, would help spread awareness, [and] at the same time [would be] creative and fun,” WSDC co-founder Zarqa Pavez wrote in an email. “So we thought, what is better than fashion and cupcakes for a good cause?”

Fashion and cupcakes. What cultural divide?

The members of the WSDC realized that for the event to meet the most success, they needed to reach out to students all across Education City, where schools from the U.S., Europe, as well as Qatar itself have set up campuses.

“We had to reach out to every campus, and advertise for the event ahead of time,” Pavez wrote.

The sales from the four-hour event earned a total of QRS 15470, equivalent to over $4200 U.S. dollars, were all directly donated to the Qatar National Cancer Society. And with the immense success of this event, the WCDS is already looking ahead for more such events, including discussions, workshops, and awareness campaigns.

“We are convinced that EC [Education City] needs more such events that would encourage students to participate in activities outside the classroom,” Pavez said. “It is a way to give back to our community and encourage awareness and responsibility amongst the youth here in Qatar… We hope to receive the same response each time.”

H/T the Gulf Times, photo from WSDC’s Facebook page.

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