Ann Coulter speaks in Lohrfink, hilarity and confusion ensue

Ann Coulter, conservative commentator and fierce opponent of all things left-wing, brought both praise and protest to Georgetown University on the evening of October 20. Greeted by a full house in the Hariri Building’s Lohrfink Auditorium, Coulter’s presence certainly stirred up mixed emotions as she touched upon issues ranging from the Occupy Wall Street protests to the upcoming 2012 elections.

In an event sponsored by the GU College Republicans and the Georgetown Lecture Fund, Coulter gave an hour of her time at the rumored cost of $10,000 to speak to Georgetown students and faculty and answer their questions. Well-known as a controversial speaker and writer, Coulter is now author of eight New York Times bestsellers, the most recent of which is entitled Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America.

Appropriately enough, Coulter began her speech with a commentary on the Occupy Wall Street movement and its correlation to her newest book. “If only those at Occupy Wall Street could take down capitalism,” she said matter-of-factly, “then they could go back to what they usually do… Occupy Mom’s Basement.”

The rest of the hour continued with a similar tone, with repeated jabs at the Democratic Party and the liberal masses and media. Coulter remained unapologetic as she made one harsh generalization after another, stating that “liberals love mobs,” “liberals are consumed by what everyone thinks of them,” and “liberals are seized by groupthink.” According to Coulter, all liberals are “very big on bullying people into agreeing with them rather than actually engaging in… dialogue.”

Eventually, Coulter took a break from derailing the Occupy movements to make clear her opinions on President Obama and his administration.

“Every single thing that Obama has done has been designed to wreck the economy,” she said.

She followed this up with another bold statement, saying that “Obama has now surpassed Tiger Woods for the most times saying ‘I’m sorry’ by a mixed-race male.”

Coulter remained sarcastic as she dismissed the efforts of both the Blue Ribbon Commission and Obamacare. She also focused on the stimulus bill and the new Jobs Act, stating that the former already failed to accomplish what the latter is supposed to do.

Coulter then steered her speech to the next hot-button topic – the deaths of Muammar al-Gaddafi and Osama Bin Laden under the Obama administration.  After mixing up “Obama” with “Osama” in one of her points, Coulter said that “killing Bin Laden hasn’t actually changed anything at home—we’re still getting sexually molested at the airports.” Though how convenient airport security is isn’t everyone’s idea of important criteria for “change,” apparently it’s good enough for Coulter.

Coulter closed her speech and opened up for questions with a statement asking the audience to support overnight change on November 6, 2012 by electing against Obama. With this, students quickly filed to two microphones in each aisle of the auditorium and the questions piled in, ranging from specific inquiries about spending policies to one made by a particularly bold member of the audience.

“Do you actually believe everything you say?” the attendee asked.

Coulter specifically dismissed all questions that referred to controversial statements she has made in the past, telling students that her time shouldn’t be wasted by students trolling “”

By the end of her hour, Coulter surely left an impression on her Georgetown audience, and whether this impression was positive or negative will likely be largely disagreed upon. Regardless, Lohrfink was in a state of partial agitation and amusement when the speaker left the stage, as many students sat in shock over her brazen jokes and unapologetic attitude, especially those which she might have tailored to fit her college audience.

“As usual, Democrats try to solve problems made by the government, with MORE government! That’s like trying to sober up by having another drink… except that’s actually fun.”

Photo from NNDB.

18 Comments on “Ann Coulter speaks in Lohrfink, hilarity and confusion ensue

  1. A conservative says something…Voice condescension and bias ensues.

  2. The actual event cost $5,000. $1,000 was provided by the Lecture Fund, through Georgetown’s money, $4,000 was provided through the College Republicans fund, which is partially from dues of GUCR members and partially from alumni donations.

  3. @ John Doe

    I’ve given up expecting any sort of balanced journalism from the Voice.

  4. I am a moderate and am turned off by extremists from either side. That being said, The Voice’s coverage of Michael Moore’s visit versus its coverage of Ann Coulter’s speech shows a lack of journalistic balance… very disappointing

  5. Um, this is a blog that openly has a philosophical standpoint. Not sure why a conservative would be interested in this…

  6. This article is pathetic. You should be embarrassed. Report the facts and cut the political BS. Ann Coulter offered her strong opinions. The speaking was sponsored by GU College Republicans. The only reason democrats were there was to ask questions that Coulter tore to pieces. And by the way, every comment that started, “back in 2007,” was a reach to the bottom of the barrel by dumbacrats who were too stupid to pick at what she said that night. I cant wait for these college kids to start paying taxes. I guarentee you their views will change then. This article sounds like refried indignant close-mindedness material typical of uneducated and fame hungry liberals. Put down the pen…your an embarrassment to the profession.

  7. @ George Town

    I’m not sure if you know much about “the profession,” but if you did, you probably would know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

  8. All liberals are “very big on bullying people into agreeing with them rather than actually engaging in… dialogue.”
    Thank God @George Town is here to show us it’s not only liberals that do this. I’m also pretty sure that a person isn’t allowed to use the word “dumbacrats” and subsequently criticize other people for sounding uneducated.

  9. Winston Churchill: “If at age 18 you are not a liberal, you have no heart. If ate age 30 you are not a conservative, you have no brains.”

  10. @Maxim

    I’ve never heard that before, I’m glad someone brought it up!

  11. Be brave like Ken Mehlman former RNC chair and come out of the closet Ann.

  12. What I found irritating about this article were the ham-handed attempts to seem balanced. Call this woman what she is: a swindler who peddles in shock-value quotes that don’t actually make sense. How about, in the article, a quote like “Every single thing that Obama has done has been designed to wreck the economy,” is followed by “but that’s ridiculous and could have only been meant sarcastically because as Americans we should all live under the assumption that our President isn’t a traitor. Because we have no reason to think otherwise about a man whose life has been dedicated to public service.” Don’t just say: “Some people liked her, some people didn’t.” Say some people liked her and some people aren’t idiots. She shouldn’t be allowed on our campus.

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