GUSA Roundup: Fighting over funding

On Sunday, October 23, the Georgetown University Student Association held its fourth general senate meeting. The meeting dealt with last bits of administrative tasks left for the beginning of the year, and legislative business handling several bylaws.

GUSA Speaker Adam Talbot (COL’12) brought to attention a few campus issues, including the Ann Coulter’s controversial appearance last week and the upcoming public phase of the Capital Campaign, a fundraising campaign with a goal of raising $1.5 billion, which is suspected to be a big deal on campus this coming weekend.

The senate also congratulated Jack Appelbaum (COL ’14) on being elected SAC chair.

The administrative duties on the agenda were the elections of the new Secretary and Director of Technology. Abby Greene (COL ’14) and Joe Fiorica (COL ’14) were elected, respectively.

As for legislative business, the Senators embarked on a series of rigorous debates on a couple of revisions to the group’s bylaws. After a heated discussion that lasted almost two hours, the senate approved the charter of the GUSA Fund, a council under the authority of the senate, which provides resources for Georgetown undergraduates who request funding or institutional assistance for events. In addition to providing funding, the charter will provide co-sponsorship status for events that student groups organize.

The senators also amended the charter to include specific language delineating qualifications for the use of Executive Ambassador Program money. The approved criteria includes official sponsorship by an academic official at Georgetown, arrangement of a campus event that advance the issues at hand, and submission of a report describing achievements to GUSA to be presented on the website.

The senate also endorsed an act which would allocate $12,500 to the GUSA Fund from the General Fund, after first making a slight revision. The bill passed by the senate stipulates that up to $2,500 of these funds could be used for the Executive Ambassador Program.

Lastly, the senate considered the Charter Ratification Bill. Talbot, the sponsor of the bill, clarified that the bill “amends the bylaws so that the President must sign the charters and other agreements, and the senate can ratify them by a two-thirds majority—if it’s something that even a fraction doesn’t like, we’re not going to pass it.” With no debate on the floor, the amendment was approved.

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  1. Buries the lede a little bit. Basically: students can now apply to the GUSA Fund for academic conference sponsorship, providing they secure departmental backing and pledge program on the material they learned when they return to campus.

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