Enter this year’s Vox Halloween costume contest!

It’s Halloween! Well, actually that’s not entirely true—Halloween isn’t until Monday. But since “Halloweekend” starts tonight (for some of us maybe even last night), there are some ambitious revelers who will be dressing in up to five different costumes to celebrate this wonderful holiday. And you know what that means? Up to five chances to win Vox‘s 2011 Halloween costume contest!

Last year, the top honor went to Jed Feiman (COL ’12) for his portrayal of 2010’s favorite politician Jimmy McMillan. If you want to be the recipient of this year’s prize (which we promise will be better than the old, probably unsafe bag of candy corn that we gave out last year), email a picture of you in your costume to blog@georgetownvoice.com, and we’ll open up the vote to our readership sometime next week.

Good luck!

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