BREAKING: Shooting on 2800 block of M Street

Around 11 p.m. on October 31, a man was reported shot on the 2800 block of M street.  At 28th Street, three gunshots were reported  by the owner of George’s Falafel House according to the Washington Post.

One witness reported to Vox that a group of 15-20 teenagers were walking down M Street toward Foggy Bottom. As they crossed the street toward George’s Falafel House, a truck passed and three gunshots were heard.

According to the GW Hatchet, “A man come up behind GW Hospital in the aftermath of a fight at the station that was cleared by the police. When the truck approached a car that was picking the man up, the person ran toward an alley, the witness said, and the person from the truck shot the man, who fell.”

A GW graduate living in the area told Vox that several cops started IV fluids and tourniquets on the victim on the sidewalk.

The shooter ran to 24th and New Hampshire where he threw the gun into some bushes. Paul Biedlingmaier (COL ’11), told Vox that he saw the perpetrator be apprehended in an alley near 900 24th Street around 11:10 pm. A red pick-up truck is being inspected by MPD and a van of Secret Service Officers.

According to GW spokeswoman Michelle Sherrard, “At approximately 11:15 p.m on Monday, Oct. 31, 2011, the George Washington University Police Department was notified of armed suspects in the I Street Mall area. Both suspects have been arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department.”

18 Comments on “BREAKING: Shooting on 2800 block of M Street

  1. Tourniquet*. Also, cops wouldn’t be starting IVs… that doesn’t even make sense. However, Georgetown University Safety should have notified students via (at least) e-mail, of the event so that those celebrating Halloween on M St. would know to come back to campus.



  3. Turnakits? Cops starting IVs? Unsubstantiated reports of shooters throwing guns into bushes?

    But hey, at least Vox is still better than the GW Hatchet. That excerpt was entirely nonsensical.

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  5. @Is this journalism?

    Agreed. I don’t know which is more horrifying: the shooting last night or the grammar the GW Hatchet used in describing it

  6. In light of this mess of an article, would it really have been that bad to wait until this morning to post something coherent?

  7. @anonymous

    I think it’s fair to pull together what’s out there — especially when it’s a crime-related story. And Ryan sourced everything that’s in the post, so it’s not exactly unsubstantiated.

  8. @CH

    Putting details online as they happen is great…provided the details further the image of the organization reporting them. It should be evident to any reporter working a news desk that in the United States, and in the District of Columbia more specifically, MPD officers do not initiate IVs, and “turnakit” is spelled incorrectly. The other details are great–but before posting, Vox should make sure that the story is as accurate as possible.

  9. So maybe breaking up parties shouldn’t be MPD’s number 1 concern…

  10. I think the grammer really adds to the chaotic feel… It’s a style, very Hemingway.

  11. This is a perfect example of this blog’s shoddy fact-checking and flat-out inaccuracies when covering breaking news. Happens far too often.

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