President Obama to visit Georgetown Waterfront Park on Wednesday

According to the Washington Post, President Barack Obama is expected to visit the newly-completed Georgetown Waterfront Park tomorrow, as part of his promotion of the American Jobs Act.

The purpose of the visit will be to discuss the Key Bridge, which was recently reported as “structurally deficient” and in need of immediate repair. Under the jobs plan, about $387 million would be available to D.C., some of which would go to repairing the Key Bridge. According to DCist, the District Department of Transportation reports that the Key Bridge would be the first to undergo repairs if this money became available.

4 Comments on “President Obama to visit Georgetown Waterfront Park on Wednesday

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  3. Welcome to Francis Scott Key Park, Mr. President. You Jobs Act is an important step in putting people back to work.

  4. Borrowing money from the Chinese for short term job stimulus and expensive Davis-Bacon jobs has not and will not create long term employment.

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