Congratulations to this year’s Halloween contest winners!

Vox would like to extend its utmost congratulations (and a lovely bag of leftover Halloween candy from the Georgetown CVS) to the winners of this year’s Halloween costume contest. In a landslide victory over the other three competitors, Katie Pak (COL ’12) and her gang of 12 facepainted seniors scored a crucial win with their “zombie Big East” getups, which has proven to be the only time it’s acceptable to wear a Syracuse shirt around campus. If only the same good fortune could befall the conference that inspired them.

Thanks to everyone who entered or voted! This was so much fun we just may enact a Thanksgiving costume contest later this month.

2 Comments on “Congratulations to this year’s Halloween contest winners!

  1. one kid’s a junior and another doesn’t even go here.

  2. Was the junior Depaul and the one who doesn’t go here Pitt, Syracuse, or WVA?

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