Fiona Greig drops out of Ward 2 race

Fiona Greig, D.C. Council candidate for Ward 2, has announced that she is dropping out of the race. Greig cited the alleged intimidation campaign run by opposition Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) and his supporters as her reason for dropping out.

“At home, I received muffled phone calls telling me about the ‘dirt’ my opponent had on me,” Greig wrote in her statement. “Someone wanting to hold a ‘Meet and Greet’ for me received nasty emails from the opposing campaign. And I learned from a city agency that a well-known private investigator whose firm does ‘surveillance’ and ‘domestic investigations’ had requested my records. Maybe that explains the man who repeatedly walked past my house one night, looking in the windows.”

Whether these actions constitute an intimidation campaign or are just normal tactics (or whether they were even instituted by Evans) is unclear. But this does show that Greig, who received a Ph.D. in Public Policy from Harvard and works at consulting firm McKinsey & Co., was not ready for the D.C. political scene.

From the start, Greig faced an uphill battle against Evans. She emphasized smart growth and retaining young families in Ward 2 as much instituting Council ethics reform, but she was seen by many as the  “Not Jack Evans” candidate (which is, in this blogger’s mind, a legitimate platform).

Although she may not have had much of a chance against Evans’s fundraising and political prowess (especially when she has her own fundraising issues), Greig’s candidacy can hopefully serve as a stepping stone for others who are fed up with the Council.

Greig, who may have been recruited by David Alpert and Ken Archer, was willing to challenge the the norm of D.C. politics. She was also enthusiastic about including students in her campaign, which she demonstrated by working with DC Students Speak and appointing campus captains.

4 Comments on “Fiona Greig drops out of Ward 2 race

  1. This is disappointing. On one level the Evans’ campaign can’t be blamed for [more or less] playing by the rules, and using the tools at its’ disposal. At the same time, it’s disappointing they decided to play hardball so quickly against someone who, quite frankly, probably wasn’t a threat to them in the first place.

    I doubt that if her fundraising had been up to Evans’ level, she would have backed out so quickly. I imagine she just realized that facing a long-shot candidacy, that this grief wasn’t worth it. That’s a very different calculation than someone who has a legitimate shot at the seat.

    Perhaps most annoying is that (I believe) this money just rolls over into the next campaign, making it even harder for the next person to stand a fighting chance against Evans.

  2. Anyone who makes Ken Archer their campaign manager is self-evidently unserious as a candidate. The way Ken thinks the world works rarely bares much resemblance to reality.

    Our best hope is probably that Evans decides to run for DC Attorney General.

  3. Want Jack to quit? Simple. All you have to do is to take away his DC City Council vanity tag. Even when there’s parking he simply cannot seem to park in a normal space. Today he parked on P St. in Dupont during morning rush to get some coffee even though the sign clearly states “No Parking or Stopping” until 9:30. In his neighborhood he always parks in front of the stop sign near his house. He’s a DC baller y’all. Does he conduct city business at his house or in coffee shops? Come to think of it, this being DC, he probably does. Part-time job; full-time attitude.

  4. Anyone that aligns themselves with Ken “Ghetto” Archer, David Alpert, and the other GGW gadflies should be disqualified by association. Poor Alpert – first that embarrassing Gray endorsement, and now this.

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