American University has the most expensive student housing in the District

When it comes to pricey schools in the District (or in the country, for that matter), Georgetown and George Washington usually come to mind as those that reach the furthest into their students’s pockets. But, much like we were surprised to discover that Georgetown wasn’t in the top 20 most expensive schools in the country, it turns out that even our housing costs aren’t among the nation’s highest!

Earlier this week, Campus Grotto, which seems to consist entirely of price rankings,¬†released a list of universities with the most expensive student housing. Of the top 20 schools, the only D.C. representative landing in the top 20 is American University, which ranked 18th with an annual housing cost of¬†$13,684. According to Georgetown University’s housing website, student housing for the 2011-2012 academic year will cost students between $9,000 and $10,000. Compare that to the $18k they charge at New York City’s The New School, the university ranked #1 on Campus Grotto‘s list, and we’re practically in the bargain bin.

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