Twuesday Tweetacular: Hung for the Holidays

Sheila, Josh Groban may be good, but you haven’t heard Christmas music until you’ve listened to William Hung’s masterpiece, Hung for the Holidays.

Mike McClain has a great idea for NASA to pursue.  Anyways, all they’ve been working on since the dissemination of the Space Shuttle Program are faulty robo-maids.

The man Jake Schindler interacted with must have been from Texas, a state where, in an ironic twist, guns are sold in Safeways.

Twitter haters: Kapil Desai has a good point.  Hash-tags got our own Derrik Sweeney out of an Egyptian prison.  Think Facebook could do that? I wouldn’t bet on it.

One Comment on “Twuesday Tweetacular: Hung for the Holidays

  1. At what point will Georgetown kids realize that you don’t need to put a hash tag on every tweet? #youlookdumb #whenyoudothis #foreverything

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