Free Food for All: It’s the Finals Countdown

Classes are almost over, finals are around the corner, and while winter might not be in the air, it’s apparent that the semester is drawing to a close, ushered out by free food!

Unwind before the last few days of classes with massages, manicures, mocktails, movies, and food galore at the Annual Spa Night, hosted by GU Women of Color. Head over to the Kennedy Multipurpose room on Saturday December 3rd from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. to enjoy the relaxation and maybe indulge in some free snacks.

Start off study days the right way, with a Midnight Breakfast. Apparate to Leo’s on Thursday December 8th from 10 p.m. to midnight to enjoy a little magic at the Harry Potter Yule Ball-themed feast, complete with faculty and staff serving the delicious and completely free meal. Who needs a meal plan when you have Harry Potter? Don’t forget your dress robes!

If studying has you down, be sure to enjoy the plethora of free stuff, food, an activities at the Summer in December, Late Night Study Break hosted by What’s After Dark on Friday December 9th in Hoya Court in the Leavey Center. From caricature artists to manicurists, sand art to mug decorating, BBQ eating contests to gingerbread house decorating, to chair massages and Wii Rock Band, there’s no limit to the ways you can distract yourself from finals.

Photo: Harry Potter Wiki

2 Comments on “Free Food for All: It’s the Finals Countdown

  1. That HP wiki photo actually looks a lot like the room I am studying in right now.

    Except this room is all warm reds and browns and goldens. I like the cool silvery blues of the photo, to match the snow outside.

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