French bakery PAUL brings its gustatory delights to Georgetown

One of France’s oldest bakeries has just opened its newest location right here in Georgetown. With over 120 years of service and 453 shops worldwide, authentic Parisian bakery PAUL has clearly done a thing or two right over the years. Settled on the corner of Wisconsin and M Street right behind Banana Republic, PAUL fits in perfectly with the cutesy Georgetown atmosphere. What’s more, it’s snug location used to house the kitchen of the historic City Tavern, a place frequented by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson back in the day.

So would our man George look fondly upon what’s become of one of his favorite 19th century hangouts? Vox unequivocally says yes. From the cinnamon pear tart to the gooey strawberry macaroon to the buttery chocolate croissant to the tender apple danish, PAUL offers a delicious variety that is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of every customer. And if you’re more in the mood for savory flavors, that’s no problem.

PAUL also offers a selection of salads, quiches, and sandwiches that will make your mouth water. All of the items that Vox and our companions munched on during our dinner at PAUL were pretty solid—you can’t really go wrong with anything you try.  However, what stood out most among the group were the chocolate croissant, the spinach-salmon tart, and a quiche filled with broccoli, turkey, bacon, and Swiss cheese.

The classic bakery set-up makes it easy to grab a quick yet delicious bite when time is scarce. But don’t get the wrong idea—this bakery is not just a spot to grab and go. It also features an upstairs café that offers classic French dishes for a sit-down breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The café is small and cozy, with the capacity to seat just around 30 customers. However, it’s this intimacy that makes the place so charming. This cozy ambiance is further enhanced by traditional French artwork and a collection of vintage baking items used for decoration.

Of the 30 customers the bakery can hold, a lucky four will have the pleasure of dining next to the grand floor-to-ceiling window that overlooks the quaint streets of Georgetown. Can you think of a better way to start your day than to relax with coffee and a crepe in the upper window of PAUL?  Didn’t think so.

Photos: Alex Rice

5 Comments on “French bakery PAUL brings its gustatory delights to Georgetown

  1. Paul is not Parisian–it’s from near Lille in the north of France (France does not equal Paris and most non-Parisians are very happy for that). Paul makes excellent stuff. If what they make at the Georgetown branch is as good as what they make here in France then it should do very well.

  2. Just went there today — absolutely adorable. Their almond croissant was delicious and just $3.50; I’ll definitely be going back.

  3. Stopped by this past weekend. The croissant was ok (I’ve had better) but, frankly, a coconut pastry was extremely dry and not at all worth the hoopla.

  4. I agree with Tim. Paul is a poor facsimile of what good pastry should be. Please go to France (if one should be so lucky) have some pastries, come back and tell me what is wrong with the Paul here in DC. Hype and no substance. subpar and nasty food. For example, salads with no flavor, dry croissants, and so forth. It’s a shame Georgetown attracts these places. These places are ripping us off, and some people think it is the best. Ignorance is bliss. Sigh.

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