Georgetown is the 10th-most hipster campus in the country

The secret’s out! College Magazine, the glossy mag that is most easily found just inside Leo J. O’Donovan Dining Hall, has ranked the nation’s “10 Most Hipster Campuses” and, lo and behold, Georgetown is #10! Behind such hipster paradises as UCLA, Yale and Carnegie Mellon, in addition to the obvious choices of NYU and Berkeley, Georgetown has the honor of being the most hipster campus south of the Mason-Dixon line. Excuse Vox for a second while we go tweet about this with an ironic hashtag.

The magazine’s explanation is:

In addition to politically focused, Washington, D.C. ranks as one of the top hipster cities around. And this year it seems like more students are adding “hipster” to their resumes, especially at Georgetown. As a top U.S. shopping destination, Georgetown kids build their hipster style at the vintage shops, thrift stores and cute boutiques just minutes from campus.  But they aren’t your typical hipsters; many Georgetown students claim they’re hipster because their style is “ironic” and errs on the side of preppiness. Georgetown student Christina Nelson couldn’t define the typical Georgetown hipster: “I wouldn’t be a hipster if I answered your question.” Georgetown’s strong liberal arts program, top-rated student radio station and the unmistakably cool D.C. atmosphere are just icing on the (dairy-free) cake.

Oh, no. We’ve been found out. Now privileged kids from New Jersey and Connecticut who want to feel trendy without abandoning their preppy roots will descend on Georgetown by the train-load. Because that would be just awful. Who would want to go to a school like that.

But seriously, if anyone has recommendations for vintage shops near campus where Vox can stock up on hipster clothing, let us know in the comments. And if you know where these thrift stores “just minutes from campus” are, I think we’re all in the dark about that.

15 Comments on “Georgetown is the 10th-most hipster campus in the country

  1. Wait, “top-rated student radio station”? Whaza-whaaaa? I did 3 years at WGTB, but “top-rated” was never an adjective that came up.

  2. I buy my clothes from the homeless guys i see around. They’re just minutes from georgetown. In fact, sometimes they just wander through campus…

  3. they’re probably referring to Second Time Around and Annie Creamcheese, both of which are on M street, though they’re not really “thrift” stores, just like secondhand.

  4. It’s hilarious that someone actually thinks Georgetown is actually hipster at all, let alone enough to be in a top-10 list. Have these people never heard of Sarah Lawrence, Bard, Oberlin, Smith, or any of the zillions of other actual hipster schools?

  5. Wait so being preppy all of a sudden makes me a hipster? I’m pretty sure my extensive collection of overpriced pastel Lacoste polos begs to differ.

  6. Second Time Around is a consignment shop, and Annie Creamcheese is a vintage and previous season shop – definitely not thrift.

  7. That one could quantify the degree of “hipster”-ness, then write vague generalizations about people who purport to be hipsters.. ha. I wonder about how closely the correlation between hipsters and 1%ers could be.

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  12. “In addition to politically focused, Washington, D.C. ranks as one of the top hipster cities around.”

    Disagree, as “I think” said: It’s hilarious that someone actually thinks Georgetown is actually hipster at all

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