Your Guide to this week’s SAFE referendum






From Tuesday to Thursday this week, students will be able vote on the three proposed uses for the defunct $3.5 million Student Activities Fee Endowment. Here’s Vox‘s guide to navigating the madness:

The proposals

If you want an exhaustive summary of the three proposals themselves, Vox suggests perusing our coverage of the decision process, parts I, II, and III. If not, “Students for a better Georgetown,” the group of people from GUSA and the proposals who are responsible for the red square poster have some Youtube videos that they want you to see. Also, we’ve attached the referendum students will receive via email at the bottom.

That said, take our straw poll!

[polldaddy poll=”5868475″]

Also, Finapp got the administration to sign agreements to use the money however the referendum dictates. They’re posted below for your viewing pleasure.


Voting for the referendum will be handled like all GUSA-related voting—by the election commission. And like all GUSA-related voting, student can vote via email. New for this election is the use of physical polling stations in Leo’s.

It should be noted that students can vote on each item separately, and no one proposals is dependent on the passing of another. Also, if one proposal doesn’t pass, that proposal’s money would stay in the endowment until GUSA repeats the process and finds another way to spend the money.

Also, a word on the threshold: the referendum as a whole needs 2000 votes to be valid, and only a majority of those votes need to be in the affirmative for a proposal to pass. Vox would also like to remind you that trying to invalidate the referendum by low voter turnout didn’t work for the original SAFE reform, and probably won’t work here.

An ACT to Create a Referendum Regarding the Student Activities Fee and Endowment (With Friendly Amendment)

Edit: added the agreement with the university.
GUSA Endowment Agreement Letter (1)

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